Wind direction speed

Newbie MSFS 2020 simmer here. I have a dumb question for the experts. I flew FS 2004 for years and most aircraft I flew didn’t have the wind direction display. I was flying the A320 @ heading 230 and the wind was 032@ 79. Does this mean the wind was at my back. I would assume that as I was heading 230 the wind was heading NW @ 32 and a headwind not a tailwind. Thanks

The wind is coming from 32 degrees so that make your tail wind component 555-479=76 knots! :blush:

It’s not a headwind bud, you were flying to the west 230°… The wind was in your back (kind of), coming from the right of the back of your bird 032°
based on 360° so heading 230 +90° + 72° = 032°/vector of the wind,
(230° + 90° = 320° + 72° = 032°) you see why it’s not a headwind :wink: … it also means that you had a drift to counteract the force (79kt) of the wind in order to maintain your trajectory “straight”, the A320 was doing its job as published and made the corrections…

Here are youtbevideos that will give you all the informations you need to have a great visibility of how the force and the direction of the wind interact with the speeds of your bird GS/Ground Speed, TAS/True Air Speed etc and the different effects on the trajectory…

Take your time to watch them, ti’s very instructive if you wan to learn how the wind of Mother Nature works with Aviation!

Enjoy your flights!

Based on your nav display, you would have been not far to the southeast of Bordeaux, where Asobo is headquartered.

Of course, the upper wind would be working there:wink:

@lknfly1 That makes it more easier to understand. Thank you for the clarification. Im not a pilot but an enthusiast. My understanding of this subject was a little off. But it is clearer. I will watch the videos. Not a tail wind but the wind was at my back sort of and Based on 76 KTS the bird was flapping all over the place. This forum is a great resource thanks to people like you. Cheers my friend!

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@HalberQuacky Yes you are correct. I flew out of Frankfurt through N. France south to Madrid. Based on the screen shot what was the giveaway? DIGPO??

You’re so welcome buddy! We are all here to help each other!

I wish you a bunch of Happy Landings! :airplane: :clap:t2: :rainbow: :elephant: :last_quarter_moon_with_face:

Yep! I looked up where DIGPO was located. I was curious where you were flying since the upper winds were working.