Wind Sock points 180 degrees opposite from wind direction (RJTH airport tested)

I thought it was KSAN San Diego where the 2 windsockets are pointing at each other all the time…??

I landed in Zurich today on rw16. Well, everybody dit… But with a rather good tailwind

Beat this! The two wind socks 100 m apart tell a different story. And there is no wind shear in Northern Canada!

Everywhere I’ve been lately in the sim, windsocks point about 180deg in the wrong direction. This is only since the last two updates/patches since SU11.

Everywhere I go, windsocks pointing what seems to be 180deg wrong way.

Anyone else?

Some photos would support your case.

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Wrong compared to what? Actual sim wind, a METAR, real weather

Some context to explain your belief would help and we can look out for the same.

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It’s been more than 2 years…

Issue is still occurring in Build and it global. AAU!

nothing more to say to this bug


Are you still seeing this as a problem? Could you tell me what airports you took those screenshots from? I just spot-checked an airport and the windsock was correct.

I saw one the other day. It’s the only time I’ve noticed one facing the wrong way (it was 180° opposite actual winds), and I didn’t think much of it because it’s such a small detail for me. It may have been out of KIAH (George Bush Intercontinental, Houston TX) , but I can’t say that with 100% certainty. If I see it again, I’ll try to remember to report it better.

Thanks. There are some that are reversed at handcrafted airports created from Sim Update 5 and earlier. This is a holdover from release. At release, all windsocks in the sim were reversed 180°. Consequently, add-on makers reversed their windsocks 180° to make them correct. This includes the makers of the bespoke world update airports.

Then, the global windsock issue was fixed in Sim Update 4. Unfortunately, many of the custom airport windsocks were not reversed after the fix. Consequently, there are a number of airports from World Update 5 and earlier that are wrong. There are individual bugs logged for many of these airports.

Right now, I would like to see if anyone is aware of any default airports (without any mods) where this is happening, because it shouldn’t be like that. If you see it at a bespoke airport and there’s no bug report in the forums for it, it would be great if you could report it in a separate, individual bug report for that airport.


I can say for sure this happened at a default airport. I only have one third party airport, and I haven’t flown there in months. I do have a third party airport lighting mod, but this happened in the daytime. If seen again, I’ll try investigating some before I report.

Thank you. That would be very helpful!

Not quite…because this actually can be scenery design fault.
I placed a few windsocks myself for a fictional airport I built on LaPalma for myself and because I did not pay attention it ended up like this :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Of course but I think it kind of shows what the problem is when planes take off and land on each other

I’m loving the magically way they are just floating in the air, too.


Hello, I moved this in from another bug thread into the windsock thread. What airport was this at, and did you have any addons installed?

Seems fixed in Oceania update:

Doorgaan met de discussie van [Release] World Update XIII: Oceania is Now Available:

I foud the windsock in RJTIH Tokyo heliport is not fixed.
I always flying here with bell407 lol

Happens at KFHR, has 2 windsocks pointing opposite directions, this has been reported many times for a long time now and never fixed