Wind Sock points 180 degrees opposite from wind direction (RJTH airport tested)

I thought this was fixed. I kind of stopped looking at the wind sock because I do not trust whether the wind sock is correct. Now I know the wind sock is 180 degrees, opposite from the wind.

MSFS Wind vs Wind sock

At about 1 minute, I see the wind sock after seeing the water from the plane wheels blow in the opposite direction.

I watched the youtube video for RJTH as I thought this issue was “fixed” as well.

I have just visited RJTH in the sim (live weather) and there is definitely a gale blowing there just now, 66kts from the north as can be seen on the pfd in the SR22 as I am sitting on the runway:

However, I am also seeing the windsock point in a direction that indicates the wind is blowing from the south :thinking:

I experimented with custom weather and setting the wind myself and I am getting the same result, the windsock is 180° off in direction

I do notice that RJTH is a handcrafted airport.

I “slewed” the aircraft to RJTQ (a default ai generated airport) with the same custom wind settings to look at the windsock there:

As can be seen in the screen shot, the windsock there is pointing in the correct direction.

I suspect that the handcrafted airport RJTH needs to have its windsocks manually reorientated as the default windsocks seem to be working as intended.

I suggest filing a zendesk ticket to alert Asobo of this issue.

As an aside, I also visited RJTT (another hand crafted airport in Japan) and the windsock I checked there seems to be working as intended:

(Note: I edited the thread title to reflect that this report is thus far specific to RJTH)

If other airports are found with this windsock issue then please report them here as well

I am curious if this is an airport specific bug or is it global, as I would expect.
I filed a zendesk bug.

So, is the self-defined wind actually correct?

There was some confusion as to how ATC was reporting wind/direction and what it actually is. The wind should blow from that heading at that speed.
Yes, the Weather says WIND (from) and heading, but that doesn’t explain why my video the windsock was reversed, in Live Weather.

I have only noticed it at some handcrafted airports.

It would be useful, if it is discovered to be a more global problem, that examples of “default” (non handcrafted) airports could be quoted here in this thread.

I did spot this in the release notes for SU6, planned to be released around 19 October 2021:

It will be interesting to see if RJTH is one of those airports.

Windsock blows in the wrong direction.
Video link showing the issue.
This is in an airport I built using the SDK

Now is is a good bug report… Voted…

I noticed this since World Update IV though, not just the recent Sim Update. We can clearly see the way the grass is blowing is correct with the wind direction. But the wind sock is blowing on the other direction.

It was my understanding that the ‘fix’ referred to in the update notes for SU4 concerning the windsock was for when airport builders were adding windsocks to the airport using the SDK.

Prior to any fixes the default orientation of the windsock was off by 180° resulting in lots of airports with incorrect windsocks, if the airport creator didn’t manually adjust the windsock orientation to correct the error.

I don’t think the latest SU4 release corrected any ‘built’ airports in the sim.

For me, the easiest way to solve all our windsocks issues is to replace the generic windsock with a new one which is not heading sensitive but only wind sensitive like in this addon:

Please MS, Asobo, help us , it’s really a pitee this bug. :pray:

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All the windsocks that displayed the wind correctly before SU6 have changed their direction by 180°.

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  1. Start from an airport with a windsock.
  2. Set wind manually.
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  4. Load real weather.
  5. Observe the windsock displaying the reciprocal wind direction.

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The windsocks were broken from the beginning and were for over a year.
Then they got fixed and was ok for like three weeks and then next update broke them again X)

Blue skies!

Steam version.

Today I noticed that wind sock at EGPR pointed directly into the wind (using live weather). I’ve heard that scenery authors often make a mistake here, because the default wind sock orientation is 180 degrees instead of 0, but in this case it’s an airport from the official scenery update…

Detailed steps to reproduce the issue encountered:
set a wind direction (or just load live weather - I used live weather), start a flight at EGPR, look at a wind sock at the airport from a close range and verify if it’s pointing in the right direction (it will point in the opposite direction instead…)

Steam build ID: 8035566, last updated 2022-02-05 12:16.

I’ve seen this problem occur on several airports that are part of official scenery. For example, I saw this yesterday when taking off and landing from LaGuardia Airport in NYC, among others, which are all part of the official US scenery pack. Is this acknowledged to be still be a bug by the development team?

Let me know if someone spots something that beats this! :smiley:

I saw a similar situation to @DrivingAddict07. I built my local community airport and placed a windsock on the ground (where there is actually an old triangle shaped wind device) and one on the fuel shack, so the sock is on top of a 7 foot tall building. They too point in opposite directions.

These are identical windsocks from the SDK and may be 200 feet from each other but at slightly different elevations.

Go figure.

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Thanks for making windsocks visible at altitudes that allow legal VFR flying. It works well enough to fly a legal non-towered airport entry. So now that we can see them, can we make them point the right way? It isn’t like wind direction isn’t important in aviation!

When I dial in 210 degrees in the weather panel which says it is a FROM setting, the windsock is pointing to 210 (the big bit of the funnel is towards 03 and the small bit towards 210). So in the sim the winds are actually from 03 and moving to 210. In flight, my ground speed is higher heading to 03 so the aircraft is flying like the winds are from 03 too. So the windsock still can’t tell the difference between to and from. The weather settings panel seems OK.

Maybe if someone can just let us know if it is possible for us to rotate the windsock 180 degrees ourselves? Sure I can subtract 180 from the windsock direction but for a flight simulator to not be able to ±180 degrees itself to point a windsock correctly after so many years, well, it isn’t a good look.

Secondly, though not as important. The windsock seems to be calibrated in Kmh. IE: Each segment is horizontal at 5kts but in reality each segment should be horizontal at 3kts. Given that 3kts is very close to 5 kmh, it sounds like a likely culprit.

In other words, maybe all the dev needs to do is divide the current windsock speed by 1.852.

Still a bug, one year later

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Yep! Agreed, can’t believe something as simple as this is still a bug - I get so confused when I fly thinking I’m on the wrong runway whenever I see it, especially because it’s not ALL windsocks that are wrong…

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NO, not relevant to this issue

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UTC Time: OCT 20 2022, 01:10 - 18:10 PDT
AWOS weather in MSFS reports winds from 140degrees. (Live Weather)
The windsock in the foreground is wrong by 180, the one on the other side of the runway is correct (sorry, multiple edits because I had it backward in my head).

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Do not have this, already closed the game. Image is from the ramp at CYPR facing nearly mag 180.

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UTC Time: OCT 20 2022, 01:10 - 18:10 OCT 19, PDT

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Do you have the same issue if you follow the OP’s steps to reproduce it?

Yes. One of the three windsocks at default CYPR is backwards. Checked on SU11 beta.

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Checked on SU11 beta Screenshot contains position.

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