Wind speed always displayed in Knots even in metric/hybrid

Zendesk ticket : #122625
Version :

When entering a wind level, the label displayed in the data entry area show always “Kts”, while it should be “km/h” in metric or hybrid.

But strangely, the value displayed on the next screen, show the departure and arrival airports with winds speed in “km/h”. So, look like the dev team has forgotten to apply the us/metric/hybrid rule to this label.

Yes, and if you check closely, when Imperial system is used, it’s in m/s, not in kts (although it states otherwise).

Measuring the wind in kts is common practice in EU, therefore atleast for the hybrid setting, it should remain.
The question to ask is, whether the label corresponds to the value or not… you never know with Asobo style QA :wink:


After many SUs, I think that issue has been fixed, I cannot reproduce. Metric/hybrid show m/s and US shows kts and adding a new wind layer in custom weather.