Wind speed to 1/2

I like live weather,
but if the wind speed is too strong,
it is difficult for beginners(me).
It would be nice if there was an option to set the wind speed to 1/2 while maintaining the Live option.

I am not aware it’s possible, Best way to do is to practice on Custom weather set-up until you are familiar with different wind speeds /directions (You set them up as you like).Then you move to real-weather .


I don’t think you even need to use a pre-set to change the wind speed. You can change it and the rest of the live weather will remain the same. Could be wrong but I think I’ve done that before.

Naturally when the Live Weather updates you might need to reset it. Again, never really messed with changing portions of Live Weather too much but sure I have done it before.

You can’t modify the live weather. I wanted to keep live weather and remove the snow. Not possible. You are either on live weather or on some of the presets.

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Yup. Just like IRL. The weather is either flyable, or it’s not. If I really want to fly somewhere and the live weather isn’t cooperating, then I just pick a pre-set. Truth be told, it’s kinda nice once in a while to just know you have great weather to fly in.

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