Wind Turbine Farms - Night Lighting Standards

Short version: Please set night lights of given wind turbine fields in the USA to flash at 30 flashes per minute, probably just switching on/off every second for simplicity.

Long Version with reasoning:

Flying out near KTCC tonight, low level. Observing wind farms SE of the area and elsewhere in the sim.

The obstruction lighting is steady when it should be blinking.

From FAA Advisory Circular AC 70/7460-1L Sec 13.5.1:

“Lighting Standards. Nighttime wind turbine obstruction lighting should consist of FAA L-864 aviation red flashing, strobe, or pulsed obstruction lights. Studies have shown that red lights provide the most conspicuity to pilots”

Further, the quoted FAA L-864 lighting is designated to flash at 30 flashes per minute per AC 150/5345-43H :

This would greatly increase fidelity of night flying!

Thank you!

The navigation lights on all tall structures are currently not present in the sim. Should be added.

For example in RL Dubai where all highrisers blink like christmas trees, in MSFS I see nothing like this, not even a single light.

Agree. Voted

Yup. And it would be nice to have the obstructions as well, such as Antenna Towers. Those are on every sectional. The symbol depicts whether or not they are lighted and if they are lighted during daytime

Voted. Thanks for bringing it up.

Also, the toplights should not illuminate the entire turbine structure and the ground around it. I’m constantly deviating off course because I think “oh, there must be a bordello!”. :slight_smile:

While they’re at it on some Tuesday in 2029 they could as well make them turn into the wind and keep them from rotating perfectly synchronized. Seriously, my home airstrip is surrounded by these things and having them just standing there doing all the wrong things and just being a general annoyance for aviation is kind of cruel.

Pretty bad isn’t it?