Window mode

Hi everyone,

I am in big trouble since the latest update. I found that my sim has changed by itself the screen mode because it was locked in window-mode.

After having searched on the internet, I found the ALT+ENTER procedure but when I do it, the sim switches to fullscreen but pixellised as you can see in my post.

Can someone help me to solve this issue ?

Thanks a lot.

Cpt Flo

Find your usercfg.opt file. for steam users it appdata/roaming/microsoftflightsimulator. For MS store users its in a different location.

Once you find that open it with notepad and edit the line Fullscreenborderless if its a 1 change it to 0, if its at 0 change it to 1. This will give you back the proper windowed mode. Then you can alt enter to full screen once the sim loads.

Thanks for your answer. I have tried what you said but still have the same issue :frowning:

I just put a screenshot of the file you’re talking about. Maybe it’s another parameter ?

Cpt Flo

and to complete : here is a screenshot in-game where you can see that I can’t selec full screen resolution, it is locked on 0x0 with window-mode.


Okay I seem to remembering this, on the lines that say PosX and PosY set those 2 values to something like 10 and change back the fullscreen to 1

Problem solved !

I did what you said but I also changed « Fullscreen resolution » with the values « 1960 1080 » and it worked !!

Thank you :wink: