Windows 10 Updates - KB4579311 Bad - Caused problems in my PC

All - This came out the other day. MS Released the above and immediately it started causing problems for some users. Initially I had no problems with it, but late yesterday, my cooling fans started running at a higher RPM for no reason I could find. I opened up Task Manager, and Windows Defender Antimalware was running all the time and at very high usage levels. I uninstalled the above update, and will block updates for 7 days in the hopes MS puts out a fix. As an aside, this may or may not affect MSFS and now that I give it some thought, think it affected FSX as well. Last flight 787, AP lost settings and crashed, but tried 737/747/C-17 in FSX, crashed ILS KATL Rwy 27R in 747 (deployed spoilers-never got control back), C-17 missed approach, full throttle, crashed into trees EOR. 737, lost AP settings on final, crashed applying power. I cannot say if this update caused those issues, prior no issues with AP or any of the planes period in FSX. I uninstalled it, have not tested system/FSX/MSFS since. It also did cause other security features of Western Digital Drives to run at higher Processor usage levels as well. Once removed system fans and apparent operation went back to normal. There is one other update which is reported to be an issue. Here is the link to article: -.
MS is releasing a big update to Windows 10 reported before end of month. It will update lots of W10 stuff and you may have to have it for next update to MSFS. I reported to MS via feedback that the subject update was causing issues.

I have the October 2020 update available for me, will upgrade and try it out

20H2= No major changes to o/s appearance. Problem KB…311 is either built in or not part of 20H2.
Slightly longer shutdown on reboot, as in 1-2 seconds but that may be a good thing as it’s saving data.

MSFS not affected and running fine.

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since I installed W10 2004, I frequently get crash windows, blue screens and reboot, with crazy errors, just being on the internet or on the desktop, which is strange I can play games for hours sweating my computer, or even do stress tests no fault, just when I’m on the desktop. I love windows… updates.