Windows 11 build 22557

I downloaded the new windows 11 insider build 22557 and now my frames in the sim are like 20 and wont go above, the sim isnt using any of my CPU and says i am CPU limited. if anyone is on this build and can help with improving FPS please let me know, otherwise gonna have to wipe. Thank you

PC Specs
I9 12900k
Tuf gaming 3080ti
32 GB DDR4 Ram
Sim is running on a M.2

Are you using an NVIDIA GPU card? If so, which driver version are you using?

According to other posts, Studio Driver 517.40 addresses the problem you’re describing…

this is what im on and dont see an update

Thanks ill download that now and see if it fixes my issue.

After installing that studio driver my sim will no longer open. It jus opens then closes.

Try deleting the config file. It will reset all your settings back to default and you will have to configure your settings again how you had them before. Also, in the same folder path where you have the config file, go inside scenery indexes folder and delete everything INSIDE of that folder. Then restart pc and fire up the sim again.

No major issues here, waiting on the NVidia driver to drop. I have noticed that there is a degradation in water rendition, the sun reflection has lost it’s ‘sparkle’ and hence, some realism. Secondly, lights above a city at night appear to be blooming or something. Initially thought in might be due to ground haze or fog, but its everywhere. Not a show stopper, but noticeable… This is on a relatively high end system, everything on Ultra or High, I9-ii900K, 3090, 64GB RAM, Nvme SSD, etc, etc…

sorry to sound stupid but where is the config file ? i have the steam edition

C:\Users\[USER_NAME]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\

Simply type %appdata% in the Address Textfiled in your Explorer and you are in the Roaming Folder

Is this related or helpful? Apparently Windows 11 22H2 is causing gaming issues

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Yeah, that sounds like the issue i am having, however i havent had it on other games only MSFS. i just wipe my pc and did a clean install of windows and just got flight sim reinstalled so gonna take the PMDG 738 for a spin and see how it does. thanks for all the help.

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