Windows defender firewall blocks some of the features of this app?

After the update, when I load on to MSFS, I get a notification saying Windows defender firewall blocked some of the features in this app? I have to allow access every time. It says the path is D:4/flightsimulator.exe. My sim is installed on the C drive. I have nothing in my community folder. Has anyone else had this and is there a way to fix it? Thanks.

The only thing I’d suggest is putting the D: path in the exclusions list. It may not work because it is a virtual drive but you have to try it before you can find out.

The other thing is to make sure your AV definitions are up to date.

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Ok thanks I’ll try your suggestions.

Wait. - it’s important to identify this behaviour. Both for technical (performance reasons) in general and also for your own security.

Game installed to C: with all default install paths accepted?
But something on D: gets stopped by firewall?

And this results in game not launching if you deny access?

This needs a bug report to zendesk (and let us know reasons/resolution so that other users can get help.)

nonsense…jeees some people here. you can easily see why it does that and take the apropriate action, no need for zendesk at all, whats needed is a bit more knowledge from gamers in general.
buit yes, the sim seems to be going backwards at the moment, solution, play other gamers and wait until its solved, easy.

Exclude process


How to

Yes, this is a workaround but it doesn’t flag to support or address why a game published by microsoft is being tagged by security/firewall.

Hi @JointedOrc6852,
Is your network connection in Windows 10 set to “public” or “private”? If it’s “public” change it to “private”.

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Will try this, Thanks!

I receive this message every once in a blue moon. Has been this way since Aug. 20. I just hit and move on. May not see it again for 30 more boot-ups into FS2020.

I’m guessing there is something going on with the game. Look how many times it appears in windows defender…

Each time it is starting from E:0 or E:1, etc., when it is installed in the default C drive location.

For me it is not being inappropriately tagged by windows, windows literally sees it as a new game every time it loads from a new imaginary place. All new games have to prompt to access the internet.
Definitely a bug in software. We should all report the bug to Zendesk.

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Why should we ALL report to Zendesk when all of us do not get this? Hope you get it resolved soon. Good luck.

It eventually stopped, I didn’t do anything or clicked anything. Thanks anyway for all the help!

I am still having this problem. It is not everytime but is very constant and also pointing to a disk different from MSFS installation.

Try my soution.

How to.
In windows seacrh bar type

right click on powershell and select run as administrator

Copy/paste into powershell window
(right click to paste into powershell window)

Add-MpPreference -ExclusionProcess flightsimulator.exe

press enter

Copy/paste into powershell window

Add-MpPreference -ExclusionProcess GamingServices.exe

press enter

Copy/paste into powershell window

Add-MpPreference -ExclusionProcess GamingServicesNet.exe

press enter

Run game.

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Thanks for the suggestion @TenPatrol ! I am not sure if this will work because I have a lot of permissions on firewall. Each time appears a different number. In this last example that happened today, the number was 4 (Sorry the Windows message is in Portuguese).

It should be important that Microsoft clarify what is going on and fix this issue not that us find ways to deal with the problem.


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I just got this for the first time. I am on the beta. What gives?

Ummm what did this do? Now my game is essentially a turtle homie. Lol

Is there a way to revert this? Thanks in advance.

Via windows defender exclusion