Windsock direction off by 180 degrees

Built two small airstrips, placed standard Windsock object from SDK menu, and find that it blows the wrong way. Anyone else come across this?


A similar problem occurs with the digital cockpit displays. The wind direction shown on the centre display is always wrong. When you enable the wind direction on the pilot’s display it gives the correct wind. Unfortunately it is disabled by default so you have to turn it on every time. Have reported this problem to Zendesk some time ago.

I’ve noticed that. I sincerely hope the (massive) shortcomings on the glass avionics can be addressed soon.

Yep, just noticed that today… its nuts… its literally pointing INTO the wind.
If you open the XML and find the SceneryObject element for the windsock you can add a ‘heading’ of 180 to correct it I think.

OOO wait, it is ADDED with a heading value of “-179.999995” looking at the XML, so maybe setting that to 0 would fix it.


Has anybody tried this yet?

Yeah, it seemed to fix it on my airport (changing the heading to 0)

Could you point me to the right .xml file?
The only windsock stuff I have found until now is in the X:\Users\XXX\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\Packages\Official\OneStore\asobo-simobjects-landmarks\SimObjects\Landmarks\Windsock directory, and I don’t seem to find the .xml file with the heading entry you mentioned.

This is only for an ‘Add-On’ airport you are creating yourself, it will be one of the Scenery objects in the XML file defining the airport you are creating (once you have added a Windsock object to the airport)

Ah ok. Yes, found it. So the standard heading value when placing a windsock in custom sceneries is almost 180 degrees off. Interesting.

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Yeah, and it’s not exactly 180 degrees either

I hope a lot of custom scenery creators see this post, because I already found two custom sceneries, in which the windsock heading wasn’t adjusted to 0° and since the scenery .xml file is not shared, people can’t directly go in and change it easily.

My work-around was to create a scenery package including an exclusion rectangle to exclude the bad windsock, place my own windsock and change the heading within the .xml file of that newly created package to 0°. Save. Close. Put the package into the custom package folder.


Its the same with the simobject windsock . it is also rotated by 180 degrees, facing the opposite direction.


What is with the windmills? It seems that the wind will not turn them in the right direction

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