Wing Nuts - Lost Boys Series - Route to Rio

Leave your GPS devices behind and join us for another exhilarating visual-only navigation flight.

As part of our Lost Boys series, we take to the skies with nothing more than a topographic map and our fingers crossed. Regardless of the weather challenges, how disoriented we become, or whether we even make it to our destination, we can take solace in the knowledge that we are all true Wing Nuts.

Starting from where we left off the previous week, fellow Wing Nuts will get the chance to contribute to the adventure by choosing the next hops heading towards our final destination of Rio De Janeiro.

Event Start Time: 4th April 2024 18:00 zulu

Starting leg: Ejido Juan Alvarez Airport (MM89) to Rancho Santa Ynes (MM23)
Aircraft Speed: 210-250 knots (e.g. Spitfire, P-38, Bronco, King Air etc)
Aircraft Type: Any type (preferably without avionics or with a map screen that you can turn off)
Weather: Live Weather
Time of Day: Your choice
Nameplates: Off
Server: South East Asia
Discord Voice Server: Wing Nuts

For Navigation: Grab yourself an online topographic map of some sort. If using Littlenavmap, click the globe icon and select OpenTopoMap. Instructions on how to setup your Littlenavmap to not GPS track you can be found in the Wing Nuts discord server in the Resources section.

Looking forward to flying with you!

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