Wing Nuts – Radio Head Series

Flying with total reliance on radio navigation. VOR’s, NDB’s and ILS. No GPS. Radio Head series takes us from the Shetland Islands eventually ending up on the opposite side of the globe in Cape Town. Each event starts where previous one ended. We’re flying a variety of aircraft and speeds. Full stop at every airport.

Event Start Time: 4th June 2024 1800 zulu

Aircraft speed: approx. 250-280kt. If you want to fly something faster that’s OK. Just be prepared to throttle back to stay with the pack.
Aircraft type: Anything with NAV radios. Preferably an aircraft with no GPS or where GPS map screen can be turned off.
Weather: Live weather preferable but ultimately choice is yours
Time of Day: Your choice
Nameplates: Off
Server: South East Asia

Discord Voice Server: Wing Nuts

Navigation: Radio only, no GPS. Grab a chart of your preference – LittleNavMaps, Navigraph, etc. For better realism and challenge turn off airplane icon/GPS tracking.

Instructions on how to setup your LittleNavMaps to turn off GPS tracking can be found in the Resources section of Wing Nuts discord server. If you’d rather just follow the pack that’s OK too. Everyone is welcome.

We are taking it easy here with friendly chat as we fly. No need for any official calls.