Winter Escape - Cairo to Athens TBM 930

Now that Mugz updated his mod again, and I managed to sort the SU7 throttle insanity settings, a nice hop from HECA to LGAV. The Med and Aegean look painfully beautiful at FL310. Turned on Offline AI using Simple Traffic to get some nice activity around me. G3000 still only does advisory VNAV, but the banana projection arc more than makes up for having to do it manually. Hadn’t flown the 930 in a while, so I was struggling a little to remember the right power settings for a good descent.


Thanks, that looks like a great flight to try! The 930 has become my go-to plane for a lot of flights. Enough speed and range for medium range flights, but can get into many shorter fields. A good IFR platform for the most part.

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The 21L into LGAV is fairly steep, from 6000 down to 1900 within a couple of miles, and bounded by high terrain to the East. G3K tracked nicely and it was easy enough to cross check the descent projection against the Approach fixes.

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Welcome to Greece :clinking_glasses:
(you’re missing out for not having F.Tampa LGAV.It’s the best there is out there)

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LOL. 4100’ in two miles! That should get the passengers attention! :eyes::eyes::eyes::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:

I already made them sick from cruise descent - 2500 fpm for almost a 5.5 degree deck angle.

Not to mention I’m rusty on the ascent schedule. I blew right through the auto press management around FL250 and started getting a Cabin Press warning up until the service ceiling.

Good thing I’m not a Part 121 or 135. :sunglasses:

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Hi Casual….
The is the Regional Senior Flight Examiner. We’ve had a few phone calls relating to a recent flight you commanded. Please call the regional office to set up a meeting ASAP! Please bring your current ticket, medical, log :closed_book:, any anything else you think will help keep you flying after the next 120 days. Be prepared to take a biennial flight review at this appointment!
Thanks for your immediate attention to this matter.
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