[WIP] Fantasy of Flight

Hello all!
I just wanted to announce that I’m working on converting the original FSX Fantasy of Flight airport scenery by Vassilios “Dimus” Dimoulas to MSFS native (http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforu…74-Fantasy-of-Flight-v1-0-uploaded-to-library).

This conversion is being done with permission from the original author.

Although I say “conversion” this is more of a “based on” scenario, as the only things I will be using from the original scenery are the models and their textures. Everything else, terrain, placement, ect, is all being done from the ground-up. The models themselves, are even getting some tweaks under the hood (Mostly performance related for now). I have substantially reduced drawcalls and am working on adding LODs. Of course, there is much room for improvement, but this would require a complete redo of the textures and remap of all the models.

For now, I’ll leave that for a future update.

I’m expecting to have a dev release out in the next few weeks, after which I plan on further improving the airport over time, maybe even a bit of collaboration (If anyone would be interested). While the 1.0 release version will be available on my website and flightsim.to, the dev version is planned to be exclusive to flightsim.to. This will help to keep most of the discussion/feedback in one place.

I will try to remember to come back and update this post as I make progress, however if I’m to forget, rest assured that you can always check up on the original thread at FSDeveloper:

Until the next update, enjoy some screenshots of 3 days worth of progress!


Looking forward to this. I visited FoF many years ago and got the daily tour. What a treat for any aviation enthusiast.


This is what i wanted to make if i knew how to make scenery. Looking awesome and cant wait to see the finished product!

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Amazing news!!! Was hoping someone would make it. I even asked the original author if he had plans of converting it to MSFS, but he did not. Glad you took it over.

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That looks awesome!

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Looking forwards to your progress!

I’m pretty sure Kermit would be proud!

Woof ~ Woof


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"We’ve got Cows!"

Made some more progress today. Mostly on painted lines and some object placement. Oh, yea. And I converted and placed some Cow models. They currently roam all over due to the lack of fencing, but hay.

Actually, that’s a lie. They’re pretty stationary.


You could also use available libraries from flightsim.to, they have some animated animals, fencing and really tons of tons of useful items to populate the area.

I thought about that prior, but for simplicity sake, I’m currently using my own object libraries, also available on flightsim.to. I may end up using some of Dave’s libraries, but we’ll see. If anything, it will be the People and Animals library.

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Is anyone familiar with this style of runway light? I cant find it anywhere. The top looks solid, so I’m assuming that the light is just projected downward? However, that just doesn’t seem right…