WIP: Los Angeles (LAX)

Still learning how exactly to use ADE for MSFS, but starting to work on getting LAX back in shape. Finally have A380s at the gate and airlines starting to park at correct terminals. Didn’t quite realize how big of an undertaking this is, but has become very addictive to get accurate. Currently just using AIG at 65%.

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Looks great! How are the FPS? Because at LAX (or LA in general) it can be heavy

FPS is pretty good but I’m also running a pretty old system. I still get 20-25 FPS and I’m running a 4970K and GTX970. I’m surprised at how optimized FS2020 is cause I would never get 25FPS is P3D on same system even with lower settings.

Some updates to my first AFCAD update in MSFS. Finally figured out why not all the buildings weren’t showing. Now I am only missing one hangar down by the west ramp, but everything else is showing. If anyone knows where that modellib is at, it would be very helpful. I believe I have gotten all the modellibs into ADE that I can find in the Official folder. Anyways, most airlines are parking at correct gates now, and the west TBT gates have now been added. Just have to get gates built for them. A380s are parking now so that is a nice treat to see them while flying. I am running AIG at 65% and getting 20-25fps. Still a long way from being like the actual airport as many gates are mislabeled, but working on that too. Enjoy!