WIP Preview: Xuzhou Xinyi Airport | General Graphics, a modernized general aviation perk

Located at the southern part of the yellow river, the Xinyi Airport represents a tiny portion of China’s plan to create a network of modernized general aviation.
This little airport has a runway with a 800m x 30m dimension, which could support all kinds of ULS aircraft and major pistol planes, and some of the large torboprops.
It has a modern terminal with tower attched to it, and it has a massive hangar. To the east of the airport there are two helicopter/rotary assembly factories.
The airport benefits from dry weather which allows abundant days in a year that all meets VMCs.

Current package is at 500MB, which contains:
Custom airport facility model
Carefully fit-in aerial satellite image
Foliage, visual clues on traffic pattern for VFR fliers

It has no performance impacts based on profiling analysis.
In the future, the package will include some of the features near Xuzhou City which is a major metropolis and a heavy-weight culture center, which may includes the Ancient City of Han in Pei County of Xuzhou

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