Wired Smoke

Does anybody have this issue and if so can it be fixed??

Yes, I have this issue too. Noticed it yesterday, I think, for the first time.

I have both freeware VFR packages installed in Community Folder. Nothing else. May or may not be connected with that ???

Probably isn’t but do you have dev mode enabled? If so there isn’t a wire frame for effects or something like that in the dev mode menu selected is there? Haven’t looked for a while as been busy making models on blender since last sim update.

Was playing with smoke in the VFX Editor yesterday and all I could get were rising white squares instead of smoke. Possibly related.

Make sure you have the current version of the “We Love VFR” for your region. Europe is v0.4.0b and the Americas is 0.4.3b - although looking through the changelogs for each, the Europe download doesn’t mention SU5, and was last uploaded in April. If you are running the latest version, you might want to drop the developer a message.

Update We Love VFR Region 2 and all will be ok. Asobo moved some materials around with SU5 so it needed an update. Europe was not updated as it has no smoke effects yet, and should work just fine.


Thanks for the info. I will update :slightly_smiling_face: