Wireless or wired?

My internet setup has always been wired and in the past I’ve seen no reason to change it


I now want to reduce the number of cables under my desk so I’ve installed a wireless card in the PC.(I was getting about 30+ MB/s on both the wired and wireless).
I then ran MSFS and now have stutters that occur every 3 seconds or so while flying over the Aleutian Islands. My sound also suffered with faint, weird, pulsed noises, sounds a bit like phasing of some sort. The stutters and sound pulses are not syncronised.

I’ve now gone back to wired connection, all smooth again.

I’m not a techy type, adequate at navigating a PC is my limit. Anyone have any idea what’s going on?

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it’s the inherent nature of wireless/bluetooth devices. Buy some cable ties, spend a day rewiring everything. Save money on batteries.

The only “wireless” thing i own is a wireless headset because the cat decided wires tasted good. And here here i am anyway, with a USB dongle plugged into my computer with teeth marks on it…

I’m assuming your connected peripherals include joystick/hotas, mouse, keyboard, headset as well as your internet connection.

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Peripherals as you suggest except no headset. speakers, keyboard, mouse, saitek x52 all wired…keyboard wireless on a dongle.

The biggest problem with wireless besides the slower speed compared to cable is the interference with other WiFi routers and electrical appliances spewing interference. Where I used to live, there were about a dozen WiFi routers in the neighborhood giving me grief. Also, I’ve added many WiFi “things” like Alexa that compete for bandwidth.

I agree that cables are ugly! Check the Internet for various solutions to hiding cables. I personally hired an electrician to run Cat5 cabling throughout my home with a cable run to each room. WiFi is only used by devices having no network connector.

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Probably just interference on the wifi signal caused by walls, doors or other signals in the air. There are technological solutions but noen of them is cheaper then a Cat 6 cable and some cable management. :heart_eyes:

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Thanks for the replies folks.
Going back to wired permanently.

I wonder how many others are getting “stutters” from a less than perfect wireless connection. I can’t say I’ve seen it posted as a solution anywhere.