Wishing for Moving Ships

Wonderful Sim, I’m very happy. When you get the time, static cruise ships and freighters are a bit dull. Even FSX had moving ships.


yeah this would ne nice

At list in the beta I did see some smaller moving ships. So they already “exist”.

Not cruise ships tho. I only saw some static cruise ships in weird places around Miami, but they seem to have been removed completely now.

I’d guess this is still a work in progress and they will probably include them again in the future.

Yes, I did see some leisure boats moving about, I’m sure they will get the cruise ships moving sooner or later!

Water effects and realistic physics when landing on water. Even equivalent to FSX would be better than nother.

Better would be realistic floating on the waves as they move. Right now when the Icon A5 is landed on sea with waves it appears it’s sitting on an invisible surface below the water level, the waves themselves have no interaction with the plane.

I retract my previous statement. I’ve seen some moving boats now, so yes they are around :grinning:

One thing though… whenever I land or take off in the Icon A5 (on water) I don’t see a wake behind the plane.
Someone on another forum (Flightsim.com) thought that was strange because he said he was seeing a wake.
I checked my graphics settings… & I am definitely not getting a wake.
Anyone else in the same boat? :crazy_face:

Also in strong winds the waves drop down leaving the plane floating in the air, & then going up they submerge the plane completely.


It would be good to add moving ships and vessels using near real time data such as what available from sites like this:
So you could recognise ships in cruise and moving in out of ports.


Flying on the Amalfi or Sorrento coasts, you really need ship, boats, hydrofoils and all this kind of traffic bringing to life the sea-coast-gulf environment. I guess in many other part of the world as well of course.

Nice? it should of been an essential requirement…water effects should of been standard…not an asked for request. voted anyway for you mate.

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I came here to ask about this very situation. No wake or splashes when I taxi on water in the Icon.


I would like some water wake effects too.

We have also similar topics like

Live Marine Traffic from MarineTraffic.com

Boats and people?

Realistic road and sea traffic!

Lights on the sea at night (from ships, boats, drilling platforms, …,)

But yes it really would bring life to Microsoft Flight Simulator!!

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Yes. This would be pretty nice.

I think there already is moving ships. I did a flight in to Gran Canaria yesterday and the was a boat moving in the sea on the approach, Not 100%certain though as well was kind of busy with landing and not crashing in to the ground lol.

There are ships moving in the sim. The traffic.bgl file is likely lifted from FSX as I’ve seen ferries from that sim running on the same routes in MSFS 2020. Like anything else, traffic still imposes a load cost on CPU to run. A wider variety of traffic would be better, but everyone’s going to take a system hit for it.

The load cost shouldn’t be that much if its programmed correctly. After all X plane 11 has the best sea traffic ive seen, plus X plane 11’s ROAD traffic is just sublime and shows what can be done when programmers actually know what they are doing, X plane 11 uses far more variety of cars and lorries/trucks which all move accurately over huge distances, am talking miles and miles …not the 20-100ft jokes we see in MSFS 2020…so i don’t see why using a load cost as an excuse. Trust me if done right the load cost is minimal, as X plane 11 demonstrates.

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As noted elsewhere, much of the design of supporting environmental systems (i.e., sceneries, non-player objects and traffic) are partly based on FSX. X-Plane is not FSX. :slight_smile: You have to acknowledge the legacy cascade impacts of where parts of the program came from and how that impacts how it’s built today.

In short, design decisions were made based on legacy that likely helped short-cut enabling features, to the detriment of starting from scratch. Recoding those today is a wishlist, likely not to happen unless other priorities fall off the laundry items.

Moving ship add-on.

Have tested it and it works well. :slight_smile: