Wishlist item for Blackshark AI: marinas, piers and small (sail) boats

Not the biggest issue in the sim right now, but (apart from photogrammetry bridges) one of the most noticeable oddities in the current world gen for me is the fact that marinas, piers and small boats follow the terrain contour, and get submerged by the water.

I would love if Blackshark AI found a way to detect these piers under water, and render them as objects above it. If they also could include some generic little models of (sail) boats, I feel the coasts would look so much better.

Again, not a priority topic, but I would love to see this added to the wonderful world they’ve created in this sim.

This has been pointed out in a number of places but I’m unsure how to submit it as an “official” request or issue. Piers and docks all over the world are underwater. I fly almost exclusively along coasts and it’s pretty much everywhere. Seems like something the AI needs to be able to spot.

It is more like they are painted on the water. This is the result of using satellite Imagery. Will need some clever person to add 3D docks and boats.

Is there any plan to have AI automatically generate docks? Right now they appear in the shore masking, but as ghosts…it would be nice for when floatplanes start becoming more common in the simulator.

Kind of like the over-water bungalows in Tahiti being under-water bungalows instead.
Yeah, that was disappointing.


Would likely need the same technical solution yes, but I guess there are way more piers/marinas around the planet than there are bungalows on stilts :slight_smile:

Seafront Simulations have released a free Channel Islands boat scenery through Orbx: Seafront Simulations - Orbx

Looks really good on my system. Can’t wait to see their future work!

Still hoping for Blackshark AI to be able to pick up on this, since there are probably tens of thousands of these little marina’s around the globe, and I’m not looking forward to having to purchase all of those.

Nice to see what’s possible though.

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I voted :wink: Nice to see someone else have pointed this as well.

totally agree!

This really needs to be on blacksharks radar.

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We can only hope.

The water is placed over top of the satellite imagery, which is what makes it even more weird right now.

What about Churches?? They have been implemented with UK update and look good. But in other places of the world they do not appear. Seems like rest of the world would need to be reprocessed to include them. I am not particularily religious but in Europe especiially they are important part of the landscape.

In the last Dev Q&A, Jorg stated that there will be more church procedural buildings in the next world update.

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Just to note, USS Missouri in Pearl Harbor has the same underwater image treatment as small (sail) boats, which is a bit disappointing as well.

It’s just an effect of the current AI method of working with water. If satellite imagery of the underwater parts exists, it will be covered by water.
Since marinas and boats are present almost all over the world, I would expect they can train the AI to detect them.

Aircraft carriers / battleships are more rare, so maybe that’ll be a bigger challenge for the AI, and might be better implemented as manual scenery.

Yeah, I wasn’t wondering about the cause, just saying that it is still a bit jarring a whole battleship submerged (and not to mention, comically unfortunate for one at Pearl Harbor!). I agree small boats in marinas should be a priority for AI tools.

I think the small boats should be pretty obvious targets for AI in most cases, since they are usually white,aainst a very dark background and already in places classified as water (barring boats on stashed in winter storage etc, but those are not nearly as noticeable). They could be mixed up with some ice rafts, though, so maybe there’s that edge case holding these back.

nah, I think their main focus so far has been on the land based stuff (judging by the amount of issues they’ve been having getting the water masks to work automatically, bringing them in manually for now). Still, judging by the land based results they’re getting, I’m sure this should be possible.

Yep, I meant a priority wrt. AI-generated battleships :).

Manual water masks? That is unfortunate, would you happen to have any links to share on that topic?