"With Echo to land"

Sometimes, my pilot response to the ATC is “…with Oscar to land” or “…with Echo to land”. What does that mean?

Are those VIPs in my plane? :laughing:

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It’s the ATIS identifier. ATIS is updated hourly, or more often if conditions change rapidly. Each time, the identifier is incremented to the next phonetic letter. (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, etc) “With Echo to land” tells the tower that you have the most current airport information and are requesting landing clearance.


Deleted my post as the bloke above me summed it up…no need to repeat.



And now I type more characters to make the 10 character post min.


Yes, but you’re the accepted solution :rofl:

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ATC: “Oh, you’re with Romeo? Cleared to land, Juliet is waiting at the gate.”


I thought I accepted both. Maybe the forum only takes one.

What happens if they get to Zulu?

Wraps back around to Alpha.

Yeah, only the first one.

So how come whenever I land at EGDX, I get Mike to land? Surely I can’t always be the thirteenth bod landing there :slight_smile:

What do you mean “thirteenth bod”? And what does that have to do with the weather?

Thirteenth person (body) Its always “with Mike to land.” I figured it that perhaps it was location, direction of approach or even geographically derived…

@AlmondBoat85386 Let me read the forum for you:

Once they get to Zulu, no one can land there for the next 24 hours.


Lol. “Airport closed for the day, sorry. Too many weather changes today”


ATC: “With whiskey to land? Alright, we’ll notify everyone on the ground and the FAA”


“With Echo. Echo. Echo. Pinch hitting for Pedro Borbon, Manny Mota, Mota, Mota…”

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Careful with those letter codes. I came in from the Bahamas with Kilo to land and this is how I was greeted leaving the runway. I think ATC may have misunderstood what I meant…

(Using the Airport Regional Environment pack from the marketplace).


That’s incorrect. Every 30min, 20min and 50min past the hour.

Actually you are stating the info you have at the initial contact with approach or on ground when requesting startup and/or route clearance.
If the airport is so small that there’s no radar/approach control, chances are that there isn’t an ATIS available either.