With MSFS release PIMAX VR no longer works

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Are you using Developer Mode or made changes in it?


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From the MSFS main menu I press Ctrl+Tab (or select the equivalent button), the program enters VR mode, I click on WORLD MAP, create the flight plan and click on FLY. I see the flight loading screen and when I enter the cockpit I see everything black except the READY TO FLY window. When I click READY TO FLY everything is black in the visor except the mouse arrow.
The same thing happens if I try to enter VR mode when the plane is already aligned on the runway (using Ctrl+Tab).
No errors are reported or detected by MSFS.
PIMAX 8KX, SteamVR version 1.27.5, PiTool version 0.1.277

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Not possible from VR

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same that in description

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i9-10900K, 32GB mem, RTX4090

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Say what…says every vr user in the sim.

I don’t understand what you mean. Is my description unclear? Sorry, I’m not a native English speaker.

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Have you tried using PimaxXR tool? I run the crystal and have not had any connection issues.

Just expressing my reaction to your post, i also use vr when flying and i,m sure every vr user has tested to see if vr is still working after the update. Your descrition is fine and I hope the problem is fixed.

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Just for reference, I have no issues with Reverb G2 and SU13.


Same here. Install was smooth with know hiccups.

No connection issues with my Pimax Crystal, but since Update 13, I’m getting frequent freeze-ups then CTD’s!
(12600, 4090)

Stability in VR has definitely regressed significantly for me. Changes are this update possibly and/or a recent W11 update.