WMR | How to Enable Motion Reprojection/Smoothing?

Hey guys, need some help with figuring out motion reprojection/smoothing with WMR.

Currently I have the Frame rate set at 90 Hz in the WMR settings.

Im running a HP Reverb G2 and a STRIX OC 3090.

Is it a simple case of setting the Frame rate option to “Let Windows decide” in the WMR settings.

Or is it done from SteamVR

Or is it done via editing some config files?


Get OpenXR developer tools from Microsoft Store. Then “developer settings” -> “motion reprojection”.

Download OpenXR Developer Tools. Inside that application, set it as the active runtime, then go to developer options, turn on “Using the latest preview of OpenXR Runtime”, then choose custom render scale and set it to 65% or greater. Then you can choose to activate motion reprojection in the setting below that. I also recommend checking the box that says ‘Display Frame Time Overlay’ to help you with performance benchmarking and troubleshooting.

Also, probably more importantly since you are asking this question, you need to refer to this guide to help you set up your G2 and 3090 for VR flight sim in MSFS2020. It is the most comprehensive store of knowledge on how to get the most out of your set up right now, and will lead you down the path of learning the ins-and-outs of how this VR implementation functions; something you’ll need to learn given the state of the game/early adopter tax of VR and MSFS2020. No doubt a small investment relative to the money you’ve already dropped on your set-up though :grin:

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Hi @Prowk no way I’ve been after the Asus Strix OC 3090 for months :slight_smile: one day. As you may have read turning on reprojection in OpenXR does require a bit of processing power even with a 3090 but well worth it for the extra smoothness.

From what I’ve experienced and read it’s better to set render scaling in OpenXR slightly lower say 70% (I have runtime preview enabled and reprojection ‘always on’ enabled).

In MSFS set TAA with 100% render scaling - if you want to change render scaling further I think it’s better to change it in MSFS instead of OXR because if you have OXR render scaling too high then reprojection is less effective.

Oh yeah if you don’t see the Custom Render Scale option in the Developer Settings, then you’ll need to go back to Microsoft Store select More options (three dots) and look at Downloads and updates and install the latest version 105.2012.21002.0.

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