WMR HP reverb G2, working 30fps motion reprojection!

Hi just thought I would add this as I have been having issues with motion reprojection using the Hp Reverb G2 but have recently resolved the stuttering this I’m sure will help !

So wanted locked 30fps but all I could get to work is fluctuations in fps up to 45 causing stutters. Fix below, well for me and hope it works for others if you having issue.

Mixed Reality settings under Framerate, I had it set manually to 90Hz so Motion reprojection was halving that to 45fps. So setting it to Let windows decide( then restart pc), means when fps was so low in flight simulator in VR it automatically selected to run at 60Hz then allowing Motion reprojection to run at locked 30fps. (I think that’s how it works, but works for me now so happy days)
Mixed reality headset display settings, experience options = BEST VISUAL QUALITY, display resolution = BEST QUALITY, frame rate to 90Hz.

Open XR developer tool settings, use latest preview OpenXR runtime, custom render scale 100%, Motion reprojection ALWAYS ON.

MAJOR SETTING TO TURN ON OR WONT WORK=Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling. ( tested with this off and fps all over the place up to 45fps, with on then locked to 30fps=smooth flying).

Nvidia vsync I have, use the 3d application setting.

Just keep in mind you will then have to adjust the in game graphics settings and render scale so you will always stay above 30fps like as if it wasn’t locked to 30 as any drop even 1 fps below 30 will cause stutter.

In game resolution 70 or 60 depending on, if online or offline flying also depending what you set your graphics settings too. Better of having slightly lower settings or resolution and stay at locked 30 than go below.

Best think being locked at 30fps with reprojection is that you can have higher in game settings & render scale. Some might not like reprojection but I choose artifacts over stuttering any day.

I really hope it helps, as I had given up with VR msfs2020 for a while now, but finally got it to work :slight_smile:

I have also contacted Microsoft about getting a manual way to lock motion reprojection rate, like steam vr is now doing and oculus tray tool, they said they have put it forward to developers.


When you say locked at 30 FPS… what is doing the “locking”? Are you using a frame limiter of some kind or is motion projection doing the locking?

Hi, I beleive it to be the motion reprojection locking it, usually in VR when forcing on motion reprojection it will half the refresh rate, just like steam vr you can set auto or manually force to halve the headsets refresh rate.

So same would apply to WMR, setting OpenXR developer tool motion reprojection to ON will force it to half the refresh rate, so setting to let windows decide on what the headsets refresh rate is, will then cause it to choose 60Hz in flight simulator due to the performance, then motion reprojection will half that to 30.

I’m no expert and could be wrong on how it works, but this is what I have noticed and found to work.

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Just a quick note: when using OXR Preview v105 is is capable of projecting up to 2 frames, meaning you can render at 30fps and display at 90hz.

@HurriedBike7 what NVidia driver are you using? (if NVidia).

I’ve found WMR reprojection was working best with HAGS OFF (and 2D or VR in general as well):

My 2070 SUPER VR settings and suggestion (Reverb G2 - WMR) - #2 by CptLucky8


Yes, even when I had 90 Hz selected it would turn on reprojection at 30 FPS. So I am not sure what is new or different in OP’s post.

My problem is that no matter how low my settings, reprojection keeps flipping between red and blue. I know for a fact that if I wasn’t locked in by reprojection, I would get higher than 30 FPS all the time. So not sure why this is happening.

Hi, driver version 461.09 latest driver for Asus Tuf RTX 3080.

Thats interesting, as occasionally when at a higher altitude or less demanding areas/planes it will jump to 45fps and lock there, then back to 30 if dropping altitude.

It’s very frustrating as even windows mixed reality support wasn’t very useful at resolving the issue.

I literally turned off HAGS then rebooted, launched everything up, and was getting an unstable frame rate, turned HAGS back on rebooted and was fine again.

I’m hoping sooner rather than later they implement a manual motion reprojection adjustment so we can set to 30.


Hi, I understand that when turning off motion reprojection you will get a higher frame rate than 30fps that motion reprojection sets, but for me I need a locked frame rate to stop the stutter mainly the terrain and buildings when flying,

I think the way it works is so if you was to get slightly less than 90fps, motion reprojection would drop you down to 45fps, so if you are getting say 45 fps then it will drop it down to 30.

I have turned off motion reprojection and was only getting around high 40s to 50 fps with the current settings I have in the TBM and at small airport online. So that’s why sometimes when I’m away from busy areas it will jump up to 45fps.

Hope that makes sense. I can’t really find hard evidence on how WMR motion reprojection actually works.

Also thought I would add what I found with setting render resolution within OpenXR and Flight sim itself, I have seen alot of people doing combinations like 70% in openxr and 60% in flight sim, well from what I can see is whatever you set the resolution scale in OpenXR, then that is what it is telling flight sim is native resolution. So setting openxr to 100% which I think is 3184 x 3096, then you can just turn dowm the resolution scale from there. You can test by leaving flight sim at 100% then set OpenXR to say 70% and see it changes when restarting the game and possibly the mixed reality portal. Then try with a different percentage and it will again change in flight sim.

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