My 2070 SUPER VR settings and suggestion (Reverb G2 - WMR)

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These work great, thank you so much! And you’ve proven me wrong – reprojection really isn’t necessary as long as framerates are consistent, and I don’t try to prove a point by moving my head around quickly.

So here’s my technical question: I have an RTX 3080 (which should be about twice as fast as your 2070 Super?) running on an i7-8700. With precisely your settings, I get a perfectly consistent 32-37 fps (according to Afterburner) and a very smooth experience.

Meanwhile, my GPU is consistently utilized at no higher than 60%, and CPU1 hovers between 45% and 55%. All other cores are even lower. What’s the technical explanation for that? Anything I’m doing wrong?


Thank you very much for this amazing analysis. Great reading here in Poland at 1:20 a.m. Fortunately I have an off day from the office tomorrow (or should I rather say today?).

  1. Assuming my 3070 will allow this, for VFR flying in steam gauges-based C172, with the target of 30 FPS, are there any benefits of going above TAA 70%, SS 100%? Are the proportions of these values preferable?

  2. Should I aim at 30 FPS (90Hz/3) by increasing some MFS2020 graphics settings or should I go for higher FPS in the 35-40 range?

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Been waiting for this, thanks man, so much insight! Will we be helpful when I get my G2.

I’m currently on a Rift S and running 40 frames more or less locked, so 80 with reprojection. The artifacts are minimal and it runs really well. Do you think the G2/OpenXR reprojection is a lot worse than Oculus’s?

If it works as well, I’d still use it for a smoother feel. But if it’s a lot worse, I may have to disable reprojection for the G2 as you recommend. I’m guessing it’s worse si ce you seem so against it.

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Thank you all for your kind words!

@CurdledTree18 The reason, most likely, is one waiting for the other. I’ve commented about this here:
FS2020 is not using all the GPU and CPU power in VR - Could this explain the low performance?

This also means you most likely have some room to increasing a few settings up. I’m managing to raise Terrain LOD to 150% with the 2070S and with some aircraft for example.

@stekusteku Actually there is little gain above TAA 70%, and if you have really enough room, you might prefer TAA110% (or even 120) and SS50. These are giving the best visuals in the cockpit and enough details outside (but not too far in the distance). Otherwise, keep 70/100 but raise other settings like Terrain LOD to 150% or Clouds to HIGH.

@AridTurtle39400 I believe motion reproj./smoothing ranks like this (best to worst): Oculus, WMR, SteamVR. It is true when it is working properly, it gives a feeling of presence. However I personally find it gives an artificial look as well, pretty much like the Sports Mode on the TV with a movie. I whish there would be a way to eliminating juddering without the wobbling but we’re not there yet.

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Thanks @CptLucky8 for these detailed posts. I thought I’d leave some thoughts here that could be titled “What I wish I’d known before trying to read CptLucky’s performance posts”

One thing I’d like to reiterate is that while it’s fine to just read this post and use it as a starting point or even your settings endgame so you can just get flying, it’s good to remember that this has all be tuned to one user’s specific hardware, and a little bit of your own research can go a long way.

If nothing else, it’s helpful to know about the Developer option in FS2020 and the FPS option you can turn on in those tools. The graph it puts on the screen will show 3 important things:

MainThread frametime
RdrThread frametime
GPU frametime

MainThread frametime is your “CPU time”. FS2020 is very, very heavily CPU bottlenecked. ESPECIALLY in VR.

RdrThread is, well, the render thread. Arguably the one users have the least control over. It just is what it is. There is a clip from the FS2020 developers saying that a migration to DX12 wouldn’t be an all-encompassing performance fix, it would really just help if you are RdrThread bottlenecked. Which is not that rare in VR, apparently.

GPU frametime is how long it takes the GPU to draw each frame. In just about any game that’s not FS2020 above 1080p resolution, the GPU frametime is always going to be the bottleneck.

It’s good for people to understand that for each frame, each of these 3 things takes time to do its work, and the only time that matters is the longest of the 3 for any given frame. This is the definition of a bottleneck, and at the top of the performance overlay, it will say “Limited by MainThread|RdrThread|GPU”

Cpt is pretty brave running a G2 on a 2070S. If you have a 2080, 2080S, 2080Ti, 3070, 3080, or 3090, then you may be overoptimizing, meaning that your GPU is NOT the bottleneck and you could potentially crank settings up more. Maybe a lot more, without losing a single frame. In VR, it’s super easy to be limited by the MainThread or RdrThread. Most of the FS2020 graphics options are going to affect GPU time more than the other 2 threads, so feel free to crank up those options UNTIL the performance overlay shows that you’re actually “Limited by GPU”

Next, having thrashed on this since the day of release of the patch, I’d argue that reprojection is a personal taste thing. You trade smoothness for some visual artifacts, and to be honest, I still go back and forth depending on the day. Often the visual artifacts are barely noticeable and the motion smoothing is a godsend to the brain.

Also, (someone please correct me if I’m wrong) I believe VR headsets are ALWAYS going to be v-synced, regardless of how much you tweak your graphical settings. Sure, it’s good to have v-sync turned off to prevent weird anomalies, but if you’re running a G2, you are going to be seeing 15, 30, 45, 60, or 90 frames per second in your HMD, period.

I’m running a 5950X and a 3090, and even turning the graphics settings to absurdly low settings (thus removing the GPU from the equation), my 5950X still can NOT hit a reliable 45 fps at all times in FS2020. It can in non-VR, but not VR. To be honest, this is kind of garbage, and I’d argue that the developers need to look at this, even if it means adding options to sacrifice flight model accuracy. 30 fps in VR is rough, there’s just no way around it.

Again Cpt, thanks for this post. I will go do some further experimentation. I’m still not totally sold that motion reprojection is just plain bad. I also haven’t seen any negative effects from HAGS and/or Game Mode. I will turn them off again and play some more.

Like all 3000-series GPU owners, I eagerly await a driver resolution to the well-documented VR issues. That said, I’ve done excruciating testing on my end and seem to be mostly unaffected by the issue in question. I’m seeing a dropped frame every 2-3 minutes in fpsVR in HL:A, which is not really worth writing home about.


This is fantastic, thank you for this @CptLucky8,

I’m missing Low Latency Mode in my Nvidia CPL, why would that be?


@cymantix I believe resistance is futile (can’t resist) :joy:

Having said this, the in-game fps window is only giving you the game view of performance, not the VR view. I’ve been doing a lot of investigations and I can assure you the reasons for lower than expected performance on the hardware is not just the simulator code, but also and maybe as importantly the VR driver.

I’d suggest you review this for example:

comparing frame timing from reference (steady flight) and turning flights when selectively enabling Win10 Game Mode and/or Win10 HAGS (Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling)

NB: it is with SteamVR prior 22nd release but it is showing some really interesting intra and inter frame behavior which could be attributed to WMR OXR driver or FS2020 itself. Alex Vlachos videos are explaining the technique they had to use in SteamVR in order to “trigger” the right moment for submitting and this is “voodoo science”.

Otherwise you are right: these are base settings giving you a comfortable experience for a given hardware (listed in the post). Should you have a more capable hardware, please do raise the settings you’d like. My personal short list is increasing Terrain LOD to 150% first, Clouds to HIGH second, which are probably the only 2 worth considering from a pilot perspective. The rest is mostly cosmetic yet agreeable.

As for the VSync you are right. However, there are oddities I’ve commented on in “My VR Settings - Index” discussion. For example, I was at one point capable to pushing to 42fps with the Index. In setting the headset to 90Hz, the implementation (FS2020? SteamVR?) was locking the HMD to 30fps (the closest to 90/3). In just changing the headset to 80Hz (you can with the Index) it was automatically locking to 40fps and it was really neat. However sometimes it was instead locking to 22.7 (90/4) even if set to 80Hz. This is typical to me of a mis-predicted “present view” timing.

@Aniol1349 thank you for your kind words!

Please make sure to review your global settings and see whether you’re using one which is different than mines (they are displaying as non-bold in my screen shot). It is possible when setting one of these globally, it is removing the “Low Latency mode” because it would be irrelevant.

I’m using the 457.30 driver with my RTX 3090. Is that not supposed to be possible or do I still have VR bugs even with this preferred driver?

I checked all settings and everything is set as on your CPL, I had the Low Latency setting in my CPL before rolling back the driver.

Following your guide I’m getting around 30ish fps but still some stutters unfortunately, maybe the Low Latency is the missing link for stutter free experience

also, I’m getting 10 fps in 2D view, WMR minimised

amazing, to pile on to everyone else here - thank you @CptLucky8. I don’t know how you have the time or the patience to figure this out between your many posts but it’s greatly appreciated. Your tips took me from unplayable to near perfect. (i7 10750H, RTX2070M, 16gb ram, G2)

Also, looking forward to RXP on MSFS2020, whenever that may be :slight_smile:


@uncmonkey Thank you for the note, it is a typo (now corrected). I’ve otherwise posted the full matrix of minimum driver versions per card type here:
What NVidia Drivers are recommended for VR

This is only the 3060 which requires a newest driver than 457.30!

@Aniol1349 You might want to cross check whether you also have a newer NVidia CPL in the Microsoft Store app? Please note it is not recommended to “roll back” NVidia drivers (per NVidia docs). Only install over whatever version.

As for the 10fps in 2D view, you have to close WMR Portal and this is documented in the FS2020 release notes.

@DentingMantis91 Thank you for your kind words! Your system is close to my test system and I’m glad this is working for you too.

As for the time? well, given Asobo is not giving me the tools to bring you the RXP GTN and RXP GNS to FS2020 :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:, I’ve a little more time flying and experimenting with the G2… I thank you for your support!


Thank you very much for your research and effort! I’m still not very happy with my 3080 / 3700X / 64 Gb RAM results, but I got them to at least playable level, thanks to your research in part (a big part). A few notes that some may find useful:

  1. It is crucial to set your display to “Best visual quality” in WMR portal. I set it to “performance” and got a blurry mess at all settings, even as SS100 / TAA100. It looked very bad, even the menus and everything in flight. I thought that this is worse than my Rift S, so why did I get G2 for this? But then I noticed this setting and changed it to best visual quality and it’s a night and day difference. Everything is so much clearer.

  2. I had random USB-related HMD disconnects - blue screen, audio stutter then reconnects in game usually but tracking craps up. And it happened often. My ASUS Prime x570 chipset motherboard has this known problem with x570 - it doesn’t recognize G2 in any USB port. The only solution is either a PCI USB 3.0 card (which I bought), or a powered USB 3,9 hub (works with my monitor bilt-in hub, but I got the card anyway). But The blue screen disconnects happened even on this card and on the monitor hub! I found that the only thing that cures it is changing all BIOS PCI settings to GEN3 from GEN4 in advanced settings. Even if a single one (for a GPU slot or any PCI slot) is set to GEN4 - I got the blue screens again, even if the setting is for an unrelated slot (not GPU and not USB card). I read about this solution form the x570 chipset not recognizing G2. It doesn’t help my system to recognize G2, but it does help with disconnects, apparently. I spent hours on figuring this one out.

MFS is now playable in lessons, but I haven’t tried the heavy photogrammetry areas and airliners. Will keep experimenting. G2 really brings my 3080 to its knees… Need better performance. I’m overclocking my 3080 by +200 memory, +160 core, +50 voltage and max power/voltage.temp limits. Custom curves to bring it to 100% if it gets hot. Max peak power consumed is a whopping 420W. 3700X is overclocked to 4.3Ghz and liquid-cooled. Everything is rock-solid and stable, but the result is still barely acceptable even in training on 152. FPS is hovering somewhere in high-20 area, occasionally hitting 30.


I have a 3080 too; it’s more than capable of hitting 45 fps and above in training. I can even dial up quite a few settings from Captain’s baseline and low-fly NYC at night.

Can you please post all your settings? Including driver version, OXR settings, MFS settings etc? I’m not sure what can be wrong with my system or settinngs to not get the same results. And I do have one of the better 3080s supposedly: EVGA FTW3 Ultra, higher clocked and better binned then most… I wonder what can be wrong… I’ve never seen anything above 31FPS.
Also, what do you use to measure FPS - dev mode counter is not visible in VR

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Thx for your advices but I always ask myself why should I invest so many times to tweak the sim. I expect in future that this is the work of Microsoft and asobo. I’m afraid thats the same development behaviour like 20 years ago in fsx or fs2004. In that times I had more time and I was younger​:joy::sunglasses: okey I will try to tweak your advice with the driver and graphic settings but never at registry.


My specs
Nvidia 2080 super
32 gb RAM

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Regarding CAS do you mean “Enabled 1” in UserCfg.opt, section “GraphicsVR”, subsection:

	Enabled 1
	EyeAdaptation 1
	ColorGrading 1
	Sharpen 1
	Fringe 0
	LensDistortion 0
	Dirt 0
	LensFlare 0
	FilmGrain 0
	Vignette 0
	LensBlurMultiplier 1.000000
	FringeMultiplier 1.000000

@CptLucky8 Thank you for your effort. It’s highly beneficial and appreciated.


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