VR vs Quality Sacrifice

In planes i fly, mainly C152, everything is readable from pilots position with Pimax 5K+. I’d expect that with something like G2 or 8KX readability should not be an issue.

In my opinion, going from 1920x1080p (Single Monitor) to 2160x2160x2 (G2 VR) is not a reduction of quality at all but quite the opposite instead. Only if you were coming from 4K you could say it is a reduction of resolution only.

Quality loss is so high that it breaks VR immersion in my opinion. Stutters, wrong cockpit scale, blurry panels, shimmering, this all together completely breaks any immersion to me. Actually it is immersive, but is a blurry low fps world… :slight_smile: Also it is a time consuming process to get it running in a playable state… playable, not great.

On top of that, try flying on big cities. Try a plane with complex avionics… those will stutter like crazy as the fps drops. You drop the render scale and you suddenly cant read anything…still stutters… cut the buildings render… awesome, suddenly Tokyo looks like a country city, cockpit shadows are a blurry mess, no reflections, sparse trees, low glass update rate, etc etc…

It is hard to understand that people are recommending motion smoothing/asw off, saying things like: getting 24 fps butter smooth with Asw off… hahaha not, it is not smooth at this fps with no reprojection. May be playable, enjoyable for some people… not smooth.

This game looks so fantastic in 2D on my average system. I turned my headset off and I am now having a good time again, after a week of tweaking settings, black magic and snake oil fixes.

Now I am waiting for performance optimizations and bug fixes to try VR again. I have a Q2 and Oculus seems to be specially bugged at this point.


Quality is much more than resolution and no system is running G2 at max res. Most people will get it running somewhat ok at 50% max, optimal, res.

Leaning to the side to stick my head out of the window on the Savage to look down is way more immersive than all the pixels you could ever have on a monitor :grinning: Or looking up to see out of the top of the screen as you make a sharp turn etc.

Sure, maybe the image isn’t as sharp as a monitor but I’ve spent the day flying the Savage Grravel all over the place and after some tuning am more than happy with VR on the G2 + decent PC with 2080Ti.

As a first release it can only improve as well.


I agree fully with this statement!

There are ways to do better:
My 2070 SUPER VR settings and suggestion (Reverb G2 - WMR)

I’ve also posted this yesterday (on a system with a 9700K+2070S):
FS2020 A320 at 90fps (30hz with reprojection), stutter free at about native resolution

PS: I’m reading your other comment about ASW and you might find this interesting:
Why do I prefer 30fps stable with juddering rather than 90fps with motion smoothing

PS: You can also watch a through-the-lens video in the A320 cockpit over photogrammetry region, in “My VR Settings - G2”, which is showing how 30fps without stutters feels smooth in practice without any reprojection.


If I want full eye candy I go the 2D 4K route in FS2020. VR in and of itself is definatley worth it. The G2 I us for a multitude of other VR titles, including IL-2 which I run in max settings. It’s a beautiful thing.

I would think being both VR for FS2020 just hit the masses and the G2 is in the same boat I would count on further optimization and tweaks from both parties in the near future.

Your experience of Oculus Quest 2 VR on FS2020 is pretty much identical to my own.

The sim’s performance and visuals non VR are amazing but for me the VR experience from the initial set up of a Facebook a/c to finally actually getting it working with FS2020 and the resulting massive downgrade in visuals and fps made me initially wish that I had left VR alone for another year or so. Thankfully I tried the OQ2 in DCS and it performs great in that. Not wishing here to compare both sims VR or be too critical of FS2020 VR since it has just been released but just grateful the OQ2 is pretty impressive in at least one other sim and that I haven’t completely wasted £300 plus.

My advice for anybody looking to get the OQ2 for use only in FS2020 would be to hold off a purchase for the moment and to follow this forum pretty closely to see if the VR experience gets a bit better and more optimised.

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Believe me, I’ve read and tried everything. Your articles were extremely helpful. Thanks a lot for sharing those. I hope you had same type of testing and recommendations for the quest 2 and oculus environment.

One thing I would like to see more believe is users sharing actual resolutions render scale/post process instead of percentages and multipliers.

To be honest I got it working pretty well on the Q2, 30 fps and ASW. Decent resolution. Just can’t fly over big cities, complex planes, etc, and there is some annoying microstutter every couple seconds that I can’t get rid off.

A320… man, this cockpit looks huge on my Q2. :slight_smile: Size of my living room. C152 is too small. Rest of the planes is pretty good. Keep in mind I am not a pilot.

I can’t stand juddering. ASW, when it works, is pretty impressive and definetely better. Problem is that right now, at least for Q2, we are fighting a buggy implementation… there is no wining. That’s why I decided just stick to 2D for now and wait to hear back from Asobo. With this release they will have a lot of information to better tackle performance and optimizations.

In the end I believe that a well optimized VR experience should be much more plug n play. Try, tweak some in game settings and enjoy the best experience your headset/system can provide, like it is in 2d.

and… don’t get me wrong. VR in this sim is pretty impressive already and will be fantastic in 6 months or so, it just need some more time to mature.

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It’s very strange for a lot of people. The 2080TI is a tank of a card and has been perfect for vr to most people who have it. I have all my settings to high/ultra… solid great fps with very minimal stutters. Rift s

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Do you mind sharing what actual resolution is it rendering and post processing? You can see on the FPS overlay, dev mode. What is your solid FPS? 40? ASW is on, correct? Can you read glass cockpits without zoom? Does it performs the same over big cities…e.g New York? Have you tried a complex plane… A320, for example.

I really like the VR experience…wish I could have a more consistent experience, with high settings. Q2 3600x - 2070S.

You can turn ray tracing on in MSFS and as long as it’s on a flat screen it would be as interesting as post cards to me. I didn’t even buy the game until VR was out.

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I luckily have a decent system “i9-9900, 3090, 32Gb, SSD, Reverb G2” and I was flying VR yesterday over Innsbruck in the snow with probably half a dozen others just buzzing around and doing touch and go’s & flying side by side. It was pretty astonishing the immersion, so much so that I went to look at my watch and my hand wasn’t there. Considering this is the first release, I’m pretty amazed, and so far using the G2 the setup required was minimal. Most of my settings are Med\High with some at Ultra. It will only get better with time too. Bring it on.

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I wouldnt mind trying DCS bit is it a Steam only flight sim needing all that installed to work and what sort of hard drive space would it take ?
I only have a 500GB Samsung M2 which seems to be filling up with updates and add ons already

You can get it on Steam or directly from the developers. I got it maybe 3 years ago on Steam and it is regularly updated. Usually there is a release version and a beta version. The good thing is that it is free and came with 2 free (pretty basic) planes. Performance and graphics on my PC (i5 7600k/2070S/48 gb RAM) are outstanding but bear in mind that you are flying on maps (e.g. Caucasus, Persian Gulf, Syria some of which are payware) and you don’t have access to the whole world like FS2020.

The payware aircraft can be expensive (£60ish for the best or some are cheaper but the sensible thing to do is to buy them when they are on sale) but ones like the F18, F14 Tomcat (TopGun), Huey helicopter are worth it imo. They are extremely detailed and can take weeks (months ?) to fly competently. Basically, they are the military equivalent of the very best aircraft X-Plane 11 has to offer and you are not going to realistically fly missions with any skill for maybe 6 months. They are designed to be as accurate as possible to the real aircraft and are not ‘pick up and play’ in a couple of days. You can also make or download free campaigns and the multiplayer is massive fun.

Not too sure about storage space tbh. I think you may be struggling with 500 gb but trying it out is free with the 2 very basic planes which will give you an idea of what the sim is about.

For me, FS2020 is the best Civ. aircraft sim and DCS the best Military sim.

I think it’s great to have different options especially when some of these are free. Why not try it out? Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Also, VR worked for me with one quick press of a VR tab.


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I have a Q2 and the sweet spot I’ve found is 1.4x (4464x2256 90hz)in Oculus app and in game render 80-100 (depending on the area and aircraft) with ASW disabled. I get anywhere from 35-42fps which I am happy with as its very smooth. I have a 3080 and Ryzen 5800x.
Follow CptLucky8’s guide for Nvidia settings to get rid of stutters.


Thanks. Struggling with VR visuals and performance atm so I will try these.


These settings are way too high for my system. I’ve tried everything… and been tweaking this thing for the last couple weeks. I can run it mostly smooth, but have to downgrade too much on the quality (reflections, clouds, contact shadows, object density, etc) On my 2070 super + 3600x. At the current state I am enjoying more the 2D experience… The sweet spot on my system for VR is leaving it at 80Hz/ recommended resolution. Render scale to 80%. ASW ON at half. This runs fine, but still shows the ASW sync issues. I cant stand ASW off… the juddering is extremely annoying to me. I’ve also tried 1.4x supersample, like you said and render scale at 50%…this will also work fine, but my 2070s cant stream high resolution at 90Hz and give a smooth experience.

My system can render 40 fps with readable cockpits etc and good enough quality, but the ASW bugs are killing the experience to me. I believe a fix will come soon and it will allow it to run fine. It will probably be a fix or an update on the oculus app/headset. Not sure if the problem is with MSFS.

Can you tell me how to disable ASW or set it to half ?

Use the oculus debug tool