WMR in Windows 11 not working

This is a heads up for those using WMR headsets. Currently there’s a critical bug that prevents many users from using WMR VR in Windows 11. The WMR Portal can’t be installed:

For me, it doesn’t work after a clean install of Win 11 Home. However, it did work after a clean install of Win 11 Pro.

I downgraded back to Win 10 and all is well (apart from the obnoxious Win 10 UI!).

Has anyone got it working?

No way I’m “upgrading” to this pos any time soon. As for Win 10 UI, I use Start 10 to get a decent XP like interface without all the Win 10 tablet garbage and apps.

I updated yesterday. Still trying to get WMR installed. Most everything else appears to be working just fine.

It‘s simply not working on a fresh installation. The only way to get it to work is from Win10. So what I did:

Removed the fresh W11 installation
Installed W10 fresh
Installed WMR and set up the portal
Install W11 through update

Now WMR works fine with W11

But then Win 11 currently has performance issues with AMD processors…

You always have the risk of something not working 100% correct with brand new software.

Myth says that even a 1 year old software could suffer from that :wink::wink: cough

WMR survived the update to Windows 11 for me.

WMR apparently survived for me too, but fps dropped to unusable level (26-28 down to 14-16). Any ideas?

My FPS remained as they were, so I can’t really help you there sorry.

Actually fps non-vr has increased about 4-6 with win 11 so I am somewhat confused.

Well I’ve had problems with WMR (Whatever I try it simply refuses to install it - rendering my G2 as a very expensive paperweight) and I really cant get used to not using a mouse right click in open windows. If I try right clicking on a file or folder (in an open window) there is a pause of several seconds then a plain black screen appears then the desktop re-appears but the open window has gone. I get similar results when right clicking an empty space on the desktop. Also, a couple of programmes refuse to run - Train Simulator for instance keeps insisting that I sign in to steam first, but Steam is open and I am signed in. Re-installing doesn’t help. So I guess that some people are lucky (and happy!) and many are not. I’ve had enough trying to make it work and I have now rolled back to Windows 10.

Why should anybody upgrade to Win 11 as early adopter? If you like to be a guinea pig and you are a hobbyist-troubleshooter - the upgrade may be a lot of fun for you.
But why should an average simmer upgrade? To have the Windows icon in the middle of the taskbar, which will make finding your pinned apps a bit harder, as they won’t stay in the same postition on the taskbar anymore?

WMR had tons of issues in Win 10…not sure why anyone wouldn’t expect issues with the buggy WMR software in Win11. I mean we are talking about the same software that made users afraid of basic Windows KB updates. I do not miss those days😭

On a positive note, WMR is not only working as well for me in Win 11 as it did in Win 10, but, at last, my multi monitor window placements are no longer getting screwed up when I start or stop WMR and the windows stay on the monitor they were on, yay!

you can make it look exactly like windows 10 if that’s what you want. (and I did that myself as well). I upgrade within half an hour, no issues whatsoever (actually it solved a bug of a capped upload, which was caused by a LAN manager that came with the motherboard and which was incompatible with Win 11 and thus removed and thus resulting in a much much better upload). I have had zero (0) other issues with Win 11 sofar. It runs smooth, FS performance is the same, perhaps on a good day it seems even a bit better (but I don’t do FPS hunting that much). No complaints sofar.

But what are the benefits of being the early adopter?

no benefits, but someone has to be first. My computer is not criticial. If it goes wrong ,it goes wrong and I go back to whatever I had. I think you are making too big of a story about this. If you don’t want to upgrade, then don’t… :slight_smile:

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On my Acer Nitro 5 laptop WMR stopped working when I connect my Samsung HMD Odessey to it after upgrading to W11. I have tried to unistall WMR but it’s not fixing it. I’m going to wait before I install W11 on my gaming desktop. When I tried to reinstall WMR on my laptop, now it’s saying that my Graphic card is not powerfull enough for the full resolution of my VR system. Under W10 I didn’t have this warning.

Yep - came here looking for answers on this as well. VR is now horrible on my G2 with Windows 11. On Windows 10 it was great after SU6.

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