WMR openxr display frame timing overlay

Not finding anything for FPS that works for me in VR. Is openxr overlay a good source?

Get CapFrameX. It will measure your flight and generate some great statistics. The smoothness of the game can be measured by observing your 1% and 0.1% low framerates. You won’t see the lows using tools that display your framerate in the game.

I think the OXR overlay is pretty useful if you are testing re-projection. Since it changes color when repro breaks down and so it’s easy to see when you are pushing the envelope too much.

There’s no good in-VR overlay unless you use steamVR. Then there is FPSvr which is great, but it requires using the steam openxr runtime, which is not great. At least not for WMR headsets like my G2.

I use Spad.next and I have mapped a button combo on my yoke (ptt button + down on the right switch of the dual elevator trim switches) to audibly read me the current frame rate from the sim connect variable.

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