Wonderful new iniBuilds Airbus A320 incoming

Greetings pilots,

here a short review of the new iniBuilds Airbus NEO.
So far I give her a 9 out of 10. (It would be a 10 if the brake cooling fan was animated too, and if a full MCDU simulation is implemented, when NAVAIDS morse codes become audible, and with functional terrain map on the ND and a few other details and quirks.)

Now let´s begin with the review, I am too lazy to write much so the screenshots should do the talking :smiley:

Finally a weather radar in the Airbus!

Negative, I hate this detail in the Fenix too (and it was never patched): VOR, marker and other NAVAIDS cannot be heard beeping.

All surfaces are ultra-realistic and the cockpit is of ultimate beauty.

Better than Fenix: FINALLY a foot rest that looks like an actual Airbus steel footrest instead of 99% of the metal surface covered with thick black smear.

You can see the beautyful bumpmaps around the screws giving the metal surface extra depth.

All lights are functiona, and you can even see the refraction on the lens of the reading lights and other smaller spotlights:

The iconic triangular lights of the Airbus are fully light and look beautyful, but I have noticed that the two middle triangular shaped lights over the backup ADI and the flight number batch are not illuminated but only cast a shine.

Glorious details when the wings open! I am not fully sure if Airbus also has a rotating transaxle driving the flap gear, in the Boeing 737 the rotating shaft is possible in the Airbus not. But like I said I have not really studied the machinery of the flaps and wings yet:

Glorious details on the gear. Unfortunately the brake cooling fan is not animated.

The sturdy bushflight-wheels.

Now a few details about the turbines… Glorious just glorious!!! If you ever fell in love with an airplane, now it´s the time…
The airstream guiding stator vanes behind the N1 and before the engine core compressor section are fully modeled 3D. The details are so glorious for one second I thought I´ll get shreddered if I go any closer with the camera:

But luckily my camera did not get shreddered so here an even more close-up:

But wait - that wasn´t all!
If you look into the exhaust you will see a spinning 3D modeled low-pressure turbine in the exit cone:

Sorry my fault I forgot the thrust reversers while looking into the engine from the power-end, I do this next time. No screenshots yet of the thrust reversers sorry.

What do we have here? In the Fenix their side window reading lights don´t lit up, in the iniBuilds it´s fully functional:

I tried to get a METAR in the MCDU and in the EFB, unfortunately both where not yet functional:

But many other interesting technical details already work:

You see this PMDG? That PlayStation 2 graphics fire extinguisher right behind the seat in the 737 is no fire extinguisher that belongs in the year 2023. THIS is a thrustworthy fire extinguisher I would use when a fire starts :slight_smile:

The EFB is one of the best-looking EFB´s I have ever seen! It is not yet functional but the visuals are beautyful.

The details in the cockpit are so glorious one simply cannot get enough of it! A flashlight:

Unfortunately the spiral cable of the microphone is not fully round but octagonal-shaped, a higher polygon cable would be great:

Even the maintenance and little cockpit extras latch descriptions have a 3D-model and are not just some flat texture:

You see that beautyful illumination gradients of that clock - looks 100% authentic photoreal backlit:


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