Wondering, what is the most complex plane that is for the MSFS 2020 or is being built?

Hi there, I am wondering what in your opinions is the most complex plane that is for the MSFS 2020 or is in the process of being built? Any information is greatly appreciated. TIA

In my opinion, when it is finally released, that would probably be the PMDG 737. As it currently stands, maybe the FBW A32NX…

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Probably the PMDG products in development, starting with the 737 through the 777 to 747. Also the Fenix A320 which is in developemnt. Aerosoft’s CRJ, which has been released, is interesting as well and pretty close to the real thing. Quality Wings could be working on 787 but there hasn’t been any news on that one for quite a while now. At the moment the SDK or MSFS itself is limited when it comes to complex airliners for example. But I think the guys from Working Title will be improving the 787 that comes with the sim at some point this year. Speaking of Working Title, the CJ4 flies pretty nicely and is fairly complex, but that is a business jet. I prefer using the CRJ and the Fly By Wire A320Neo since for now when it comes to immersion in airliners for MSFS, they are the best.

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Currently I also would opt for the A32NX.

However if you did some hard-core flying with the DC-6 without the virtual flight engineer, you’d have your work cut out for you as well. Keeping those four Double Wasp running safely and efficiently can be a full time job too :slight_smile:


Even with the VFE it is a handful!!


For the future, possibly the announced FBW A380.

Right now, the FBW A320neo, or the PMDG stuff.

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PMDG Cloudmaster and Fenix Airbus.

There are almost no informations about the PMDG 737 that´s currently in development that´s why I have no idea about the system depth of this plane and if she get´s the same love and attention as the Cloudmaster… In the meantime the Fenix Airbus that is also in development is showing off all it´s systems and subsystems and functioning circuit breakers and hydraulic pressure simulation including loss of various hydraulic systems and dozens of other details on YouTube.

That´s why I assume the Fenix Airbus will have more interesting and more challenging stuff to learn :slight_smile: … But maybe the PMDG 737 will have the same quality and system depth as the Cloudmaster and the Fenix Airbus so we will see which one of the two hardest competitors will be the winner.

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For currently available planes, I would have to say the FBW A32NX and CRJ are probably the most complete and complex.

As for what’s coming, there’s not a whole lot of information about said products in the pipe other than screen shots and general details for some, so it’s hard to predict with any certainty.

Anybody who likes jets that isn’t flying the Aerosoft CRJ is missing out.


The TFDI MD-11 could be in this category.
It’s a very complex aircraft, and TFDI has a good track record of making nice addons.

I always wonder why Leonardo’s Maddog gets so little attention :thinking::grinning:


Probably because it’s called the Leonardo Maddog. Two words which mean nothing to the vast majority of people. Which is a shame.


Not just a single aircraft but I have a feeling that A2A aircraft will be pretty high up there, they have really nice addons for P3D / FSX.

If you want complex look no further than the PMDG DC-6. Yep, a 1950’s era aircraft but a pure joy to fly and it’ll keep you busy.

The Aerosoft CRJ will sure keep you busy if thats what you’re looking for.

And the FBW A32NX will let you take a nap, if thats what you’re looking for.

Both are true to form :wink:

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The PMDG DC-6 is quite complex. Full realism and failures will have circuit breakers popping and make the old girl very hard to start on icy mornings. Once you’ve learned how to fly without the AFE you’ll know you deserve your Captain’s bars! :slight_smile:

Tee hee. Try this in the sim with your DC-6…


That IS a truly skilled pilot!
I think that the DC-6 was the most complex plane available in the sim at the moment. I was wondering why it took so long to be mentioned in this thread. I’ve loaded it once and jumped out of the cockpit immediately to return to the familiarity and safety of the good old c172. But I said to myself “I’ll be back, when I am ready for you”. A truly humbling experience that was :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Now that’s what I call kickig out the crab!