Working sun visor

For times like this:

The runway is straight ahead, can you spot it?

They just need to make the visors that are already in the plane useable.


I was looking for sunglasses, I was not able to find them, wich kinda disappointed me. In a sim where sunglasses would finally have a use, with all the reflections and well worked lights. Maybe this will be implemented?


good idea :+1:

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I agree. I never used the sun glasses in X-Plane but they could be handy in here. I did mention it very early on to MS but I guess they weren’t interested.


Sunlight can be quite hard above the clouds, and i think asobo found its great way of controlling brightness switch when looking down the panel or out of the window. Just absolutely great work, totally fascinated.
A logical sequence would be usable sunblends and sunglasses.
The sunglasses should lay on the panel shield, or in some stow area and by clicking on them, they get put on the eye. Same with the sunblends already implemented in most aircraft, all it needs it getting them to move over the front or side window.
thank you.

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Both suggestions are obvious. They are called Aviator Glasses not just to look cool.

Let‘s vote for working sunvisors.
Why you ask?

I think this picture below explains why.
Sunset and sunrise approaches will be more enjoyable when having working visors.