Working Title 747-8i Fuel/Mass balance adjust

As title suggests - Can someone please explain how I adjust my fuel and payload in working title 747-8? Is it via default fuel and payload option?

Anyone for the above? How do I change fuel and payload to match what I have from simbreif? Is there a built in integration - if so how?

I use Salty’s 747.
I haven’t used the default 747 in a while, I don’t know the current status (They say it has improved a lot)

Download the tool and install and try Salty.
In the FMC synchronize by entering your simbrief id.

Thanks will have a look.

I thought when working title avionics sim update was released last year there was a way to change fuel and other stuff through FMC or something else. I just can’t find it, this is exact reason why don’t use this plane.

Many people might be wondering why not use MSFS default payload manager to change weights - Just NO, it won’t work. Not to mention C.G which has to carefully balanced, this is not simulated in default payload. Many addon aircraft either come with external payload manager or use built in feature such as via FMC or Tablet.

Yes there is, in the Settings page on the FMC, you can adjust your weight and balance, as well as import it from SimBrief.

The Salty’s 747 is deprecated and even they say not to use the mod any longer.

The default weight and balance panel does show CG and it is computed correctly. If it is not showing for you, just drag the edge of the panel to make it wider. Once it is made wide enough, it will show the CG.

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