Working Title CJ4 mod problem with application

I have put Working Title CJ4 in Community Folder. But, no changes seem to have taken place with the aircraft. Am I doing something wrong or missing a step ?

That depends.
Often times files are double packed.
Make sure this file is not inside another blank folder.

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Not a solution to your issue, but linking up your email address in the forum like that is not a good idea.

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I also am experiencing a problem with this mod.

I put the Workingtitle file in community as requested and when i open MSFS and load plane it displays a translucent cockpit.

The was another file that downloaded with the workingtitle
It is called FSpackages zip file. Should I also be extracting this and to where?

I don’t now what version you have, but this is the current one which was released after the MSFS patch.
It doesn’t have that FSpackages file.

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