Working Title G1000 NXi Discussion Thread

Working Title Garmin G1000 NXi v0.10.0

Critical Notice: Presently the Caravan, DA-62, and PC-6 are unable to start: the PFD will show a number of failed red Xs and be in a persistent AHRS align state. We expect to be able to push a hotfix for this issue in short order.

New Features

MFD Procedure Preview Map

  • Procedure preview map pane for all procedure types
  • Shows all leg types including course reversals and holds
  • Softkeys for switching between procedure types

MFD FPL Editable Altitude Constraints

  • Altitudes can now be edited on the MFD FPL page
  • Altitudes that break system FPA constraints now indicated by blue X
  • FPA for current leg is now adjustable in the VNV Active Profile pane
  • VNV Prof softkey for shortcut to FPA adjustment

MFD System Setup Page

  • Ability to adjust system display units:
    • Nav Angle, Distance/Speed, Altitude/Vertical Speed, Temp, and Weight
  • Ability to customize MFD data bar fields
  • COM channel spacing switch between 25kHz and 8.33kHz spacing

PFD Alerts Window

  • Allows to view alerts thrown by the system

PFD Reversionary Mode

  • Displays engine instruments when MFD screen is not booted
  • Reversionary mode on/off screen blink animation

System Simulation and Startup

  • System backings for GMU, GTX, GIA, GRS, GDC, and GDU line replaceable units
  • Boot and initialization times for all units, connected to correct instruments
  • GPS inoperative display indications
  • Instrument inoperative red X display indications
  • AHRS alignment during start with correct bank limitations

EIS Support

  • Added support for end-text on horizontal EIS gauges
  • Added support for SmoothFactor to EIS gauges
  • Updated custom C208 panels to use newly supported tags

Issues Fixed

  • Fixed FLC activation via keyboard not syncing IAS
  • Fixed incorrect magnetic variation direction in VOR info pages
  • Fixed an issue where direct-to course would be synchronized to active bearing even while custom course was attempted to be entered
  • Fixed an issue where the direct-to course could become desynchronized and start to always generate a custom course for all direct-tos
  • Fixed cases where unit would ask if course reversal should be flown even in conditions where the real unit would not ask and the reversal would be mandatory
  • PFD minimums display box no longer displays when greater than 2500 feet from minimums altitude
  • Fixed issue where lateral navigation would automatically and erroneously sequence forward upon exit of SUSP
  • Fixed font styling errors on MFD information page
  • Fixed positioning of compass and orientation indicator on MFD information page
  • Fixed issue where sometimes setting COM frequencies (especially from nearest or information pages) would result in an offset incorrect frequency set in standby
  • Fixed sources of 2.5deg oscillation at cruise and improved accuracy of GPS and RNAV lateral guidance

THX … really

This was confusing me too, coming from the previous implementations. Thank you for clarifying! The same applies to LOC.

I love update 0.10.0 already.
Even the name of the tuned frequency is indicated (here München approach)

Great update.

Thanks a lot WT


Two questions…

  1. What is the best location to check the current (ie. sum of all periodic updates) feature and known bug list? Is that the site? Or is that for the old github version?

  2. Is there clarification of when vertical guidance is advisory (ie. +V) such as for an LNAV+V approach? I flew one and wondering how I locked a glide path.

Working Title Garmin G1000 NXi v0.10.1

Issues Fixed

  • Fixed an issue where some aircraft would get stuck in a failed startup situation
  • Fixed incorrect Airspace Alerts group label on MFD setup page
  • Removed erroneously added incomplete COM identifer box implementation

Yes, the Working Title website has a section under packages with the NXi release changelogs. There is no complete full feature list other than looking through those, and we do not publish a public bug list for the NXi.

+V approaches are not advisory in the sense that they provide no coupled glidepath. They are only advisory in sense that the glidepath produced is synthesized by the unit itself, and is not guaranteed to provide clearance from terrain or other obstructions. It’s completely possible that it flies you into a hill, so you should always observe published minima.

The Garmins will basically always provide a +V to LNAV or LP unless some other parts of the system are disabled, but you are not required to fly it.

-Matt | Working Title

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Really like the boot up sequence.

Will we eventually be able to apply an offset to UTC time to get our local time correct?


Just a PSA: downloading any Marketplace updates (including this Hotfix) may reset your Assistance settings.


Hi Guy’s, based on Matt’s most recent post (Nxi-v.0.10.1 hot fix) can I take it that the issues mentioned by some per up date v-0.10.0 is fully fixed and the AHRS issues for the Caravan, DA-62 and PC-6 in particular?

It’s recommended you join their Discord Server which will send you up to the minute release information:


Awesome, ty. Will it indicate in the hsi when it is +v for example?

Awesome. I just wish Asobo would push out hotfixes for specific bugs this quickly, instead of us having to wait months for an update that may or may not fix a bunch of stuff.

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WT team, thank you for this update and hotfix. The NXI gets better and better. It is a joy using this!!

This incredible piece of kit was already too good to be true in this sim, now it’s simply off the charts. Editable altitude constraints…wow. Just flew a ‘custom’ visual approach to NZQN Rwy23 through foggy mountains and valleys and it performed flawlessly. Heartfelt thanks for all the special efforts of the WT team and to Asobo for embracing your talents and allowing you guys to go nuts.


I couldn’t activate the APR mode yesterday in the Caravan. Clicking on the button did nothing.

Could anyone be so kind to assist a newbie… when I plan my flight in the ms planner, which I do fine I guess, fly my route in the DA62 following the set altitude using vnv so the plane follows the vnav descent.

That’s all good but the ATC is just conflicting with altitude and telling me to change to either lower or higher, I don’t mean changing for restricted airspace during the route, it’s mainly when approaching the destination airport upon the vnav descent.

Do I need to set the ATC somehow or it is using IFR and not VFR flights?


By this, do you mean that the APR light by the button did not illuminate, or that it did illuminate but didn’t follow the glideslope? I’ve only used it once since the hot fix (in the Caravan) but it was on a VOR approach. The APR indicator by the button did light up though.

It didn’t illuminate. Nothing happened, it just remained on NAV mode.

Been flying unfamiliar approaches and I noticed that my CDI didn’t change to green needles on an ILS.
I’ll try my routine flight later to see if the behaviour has changed.