Working Title G1000 NXi Discussion Thread

Hi all,

Feel free to post here about the new early access Working Title G1000 NXi that can be found on the Marketplace. I’ll keep this updated with the latest release notes and information. A reminder, since this is early access, you can expect missing features, bugs, or both! Please help us make the sim better by testing it out.

You can find us on our Discord at Working Title Simulations

Mod Edit: please jump to the post linked below for the latest version and Release Notes:


LOVE IT…that will be all…thank you :smiley:


That’s a comprehensive update, looking forward for what will come in the future!

Question, is there a way to disable TAWS (bitchin’ Jim, “don’t sink”)?
Currently it seems to trigger at random takeoffs and landings for me, and won’t stop until well above 1000AGL



Testing this new G1000, I see that it does not mark the distance between two points, could this error be what you mark?

plan loaded from map.

By the way, enormous work that you do and thanks for sharing.

With the launch day version, I was unable to select the weather radar overlay. The NextRad button would click but not underline and no rain was showing on the map, despite it raining where I was currently flying.

Is this working yet with the latest update?

I see that key dimmed, at the moment it is not functional I think.

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Does this mean the original WT G1000 we delete now, sorry if this is obvious

NEXRAD display is not yet implemented. But definitely planned.

If you install this one from the marketplace, you should definitely delete the original WT G1000 mod.

I’m actually not totally sure what’s happening there. Would need to see more details about what was going on at the time.

-Matt | Working Title


Thank you Matt will delete.

I use this function all the time with the original G1000 so will wait until you guys get it going before I try the NXi again. Thanks for the great work :+1:

Thanks for the update.
Is the timer implemented yet. Can’t start it.
Nice trap set by the way :slight_smile:

Timer is implemented, yep! I just tried it over here, just scroll to highlight the Start button and press enter. Both the up and down directions should be working.

Thanks! I actually built that kit myself, about 12 years ago. Great little jazz kit.

-Matt | Working Title

Is there still a conflict between this and PMS50’s GTN750?

this is amazing work, and I am over the moon exicted about the final product.


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Until we add additional APIs to the sim (likely in SU6), other GPS systems will not really sync properly with the NXi. Given that we don’t use the sim flight plan system, I’m not totally sure how far we can go with compatibility. However, the goal is to eventually port this system into the sim, so all the avionics get the same ability to use the high quality vectorization and such.

We won’t make the NXi the default in the sim until such time that change has been made, though, so we don’t go breaking anyone who hasn’t opted in to that.

-Matt | Working Title


Engine Hours display is missing.

With the new NXi version installed the GTN 750 doesn’t show up in the panel as before if we have it installed also. Looks like the NXi takes priority over the GTN and I get the NXi on the C172 G1000 instead of the GTN. Please fix this. Didn’t have this problem with your first version.

Sorry, looks like I had to reboot the PC for it to work after reinstalling the NXi. It’s shows the GTN now.

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Even though I have only flown one round trip flight in the Baron with the NXi since SU5, it was great!

Looking at this Garmin informational video I know I’ll be using the NXi more and more.

Thanks to Matt and the team at WT for the great work. You’ve changed my appreciation for glass panels! :slight_smile:

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