Working Title G1000 NXi Discussion Thread

The PFD is very dark. I have the setting on maximum brightness but it is still too dark. Also notice I was getting CTDs with the NXi installed, but they stopped after I removed it. But that was with the initial release as I haven’t yet tried the latest update.

Edit - Tried version 0.2 and am stilling getting CTDs with NXi installed, no CTDs with it not installed.

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I appreciate the effort but I’m gonna uninstall it again until there is compatibility with the GTN. If I can have just one installed I prefer the GTN, even with the default G1000.


Can the Garmin pilots manual from Garmin be used for the current supported features?

This is a fantastic upgrade. Thanks.

Found the cause of my NXi CTDs:-
. DA40NGX + G1000 (Wt or std) = no CTDs
. DA40NG (std) + NXi = no CTDs
. DA40 NGX + NXi = CTDs

The DA40 NGX has a lots of changes made for the G1000, so I guessing some of those don’t like the NXi.

Edit - 5 August
Found that even with the default DA40 NG the NXi causes CTDs, just takes a bit longer for it to occur than when using the DA40 NGX.


Tried 3 flights on the xbox using this mod and all crash back to the dashboard. The crashese have ranged from being the air between 10-30 minutes. Unintsalled the mod and flew the same flight and no crashes.

I was using it in the cessena caravan as my plane.

If the new version is on the xbox marketplace I will try it again.

Thanks to WT for all their hard and excellent work! :+1:

I have only taken a quick glance at the NXi so far, but being familiar with the modded G1000 I was surprised how difficult I found it to navigate and operate the NXi.
I’m sure I’ll figure it all out, eventually, but can somebody point me to a good operations manual or instruction video? Preferably one aimed at this WT version.

I’m another person really grateful to all who are contributing to the development of the G1000 NXi - I mainly fly the C172 G1000 and it really adds to the enjoyment.
Am also trying Air Manager with Knobster and 2 touch screens - mostly works well, apart from Softkey 6 (CDI). This is a problem with Air Manager tho, not with NXi itself.
Please keep up the great work!
Regards, Alasdair (aka FlyBasher……)

Love the features available with the NXi that makes flying these approaches so much fun. Thank you WT.


Really liking the NXi so far. The ability to use airways, and to use the keyboard to enter waypoint names makes setting up a flightplan very convenient. I have not yet tried a complex RNP approach yet, but I am looking forward to testing one.


I have the same issue. Let me know if you find a solution/cancel command/button. The incessant “DONT SINK” made my wife question what I was doing in the sim pit.

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Completed 3 flights with the new version from the xbox marketplace and no crashes using the G58.

I’ll try tonight with the Cessna caravan and see if I get the crashes again

Wait, did charts get added? That’s not in the release notes…

Do you think they will come out with a G3000 version sometime for us TBM flyers?

Thanks to everyone at WT!

update 0.2.0 now dims softkeys that aren’t yet working, but show what’s to come in future updates.

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Please join the Official Working Title G3000 thread here:

Here are two videos I think are good


I don’t see how you can use the keyboard to to enter names in the FPl or Direct to menus. Is this possible?
Also, there used to be pages for other functions that didn’t yet work but were showing on the softkeys. I don’t see them now.

There used to be some non-functioning pages for the engine. I don’t see these options anymore.

You can see how to use the keyboard entry feature in the FPL demo video posted above. The other softkey menu functions that are greyed out will be coming in later releases.

-Matt | Working Title