Working Title G3000 CTD

I am getting CTD’s using the G3000 Working Title mod in both the TBM930 and C700. As soon as I turn on the batteries in either aircraft I get an automatic CTD. I have tried removing all other mods for both aircraft and the issue persists. I know this was an issue in September as well but none of the work arounds I found for that worked. Anyone else having this issue? Both aircraft are much more enjoyable with this mod installed. I flew the TBM as recently as last week with no issues.

The Garmin updates wouldn’t influence those CTDs.

I suspect you need to install Dakfly (C700) and Mugz (TBM) Performance Mods, or if they are installed check for updates from as they both got recently updated in January.

I am running both WT G3000 and TBM/C700 with those mods, no problems on a cold & dark start.

I’m running both mods on each aircraft. I’ll double check I use community downloader to link the G3000 and some other mods so maybe that is the issue.

Until the G3000 is in Early Access on Marketplace, I recommend using only the Working Title Aero Packages site to download latest update.

I understand a user named Nezz is pushing forks of the Working Title 0.7.6 (latest version) and suffixing it as A, B, C, etc. I have no experience with those versions, and my advice is solely based on the official version as found on the Working Title Aero site as above.

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Downloading straight from working title’s site did the trick. Thanks for the help. Happy flying!

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