Working Title G3000 v0.7.4 -Flight Path Marker missing?


Just downloaded this for the now HotFixed Sim Update 5 and took the TBM 930 out for a flight. Noticed the FPM is missing. I have come to rely heavily on the FPM, especially for crosswind landings at night.

I thought it might be switched off in one of the menus, but could not find a way to enable it. I checked to make sure that “SVT Terrain” was Enabled in the “PFD Settings” menu and it was. Anyone one else having the same issue, or any solution?

Many thanks!

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Yes, I also miss the FPM and I haven’t found a way to enable it. What bugs me a bit is that I didn’t realize the G3000 (and G1000) supported an FPM until it was suddenly there without me enabling it, at least not consciously. And now it’s gone.

Also, the G1000/3000 is supposed to support some kind of “Sky Path” (no idea what the correct name is) but here’s a quick pic I tossed together to illustrate. Is that something I can enable as well?