Working Title Garmin G3000 Discussion Thread

Okay, so you might have a different issue. Below is a reference article for what I’ve encountered.

In any event, if you haven’t already, I recommend installing the Working Title G3000/5000, as well as the Dakfly Longitude Flight Dynamics project. Having both of these seems to be the Gold Standard add-ons for Longitude flying. There are still quirks, but all in all it works very well.

Great, what I wanted. When I was starting this thread I watched for articles about this problem but noting showed up. I do have both of the mods you suggested installed and have for some time.
Now I have to troubleshoot why the sim opens with the VFR map showing even tho it is off in the sim Pilot Assists Settings.

Of all the a/c I flly in this sim the Cessna Longitude is my fav, primarily because everything works so well. I very much like the Garmin FCS and how easy it is to program. The freezing map problem is the only problem I experience with this great a/c.

I dont think ive used the VFR map in 8 months. Its even disabled on the toolbar. One less icon to scan through. Theres no more information on that thing than the garmin anyway.

Agree, however I do use it as an interesting overview and occasionally general orientation if it’s IFR and the approach I’m given is wonkers. Kind of cheating but oh well…

Personal Comments

Honestly, you’re better off from a Situational Awareness view to use Little Nav Map. It’s literally a moving map with sectional underlay, and you can do flight planning, get winds aloft, COM freqs, and zoom into the airports to get a layout chart, plus overhead Instrument Approach Charts. I’m going to get a secondary screen at some point to dedicate it just to LNM.

Feel free to inquire about Little Nav Map here in it’s Master Thread:

Deleting the pms50 mods is what helped me in that regard.

You’re right. I have it on my desktop and have stuck my nose into it a few times because it is so frequently praised. It’s kinda overwhelming and I’ve not figured out yet how to use it and can you even insert it into MSF.? I need to make myself sit down with it and some utube videos and figure it out. So far I’ve avoided having a second monitor or laptop open but it may come to that.

Pms50 modes?

I reverted back to the version previous to the current 7.7 (version 7.6?) , made two flights and the G3000 moving map never failed. I intermittently used the VFR map as a test and it did not affect the moving map.

Am I correct in saying MFD map freezes only due to PMS mod being installed and no other reason?
Thankyou for any assistance

I mostly agree that everything works well. Only real nag I have is the flight plan “reshuffling” issue. Case in point, I’m on a flight, maybe the third leg after taking off. I change the STAR and Approach, or maybe add/remove a waypoint further in the route, and all of the sudden the plane does a 180 and tries to re-fly the first leg of the flight plan. I’ve learned that if I need to make any flight plan changes, I change to HDG mode first to keep the same path. If the above happens, I’m still flying the right direction, so I just need to activate the current leg in the FMS and then reselect NAV mode.

I’m sure this all gets fixed in the next version. :+1:

I have the G3000 installed from WT’s GitHub repo and I’m noticing a few things that I’m not sure if they are issues or normal behavior with the G3000. I’m used to the polished G1000.

When first engaging GPS navigation, the direction indicator does not match up with the route. It seems to be stuck in a random direction. I think it may be trying to circle back to the airport. Even with a good vector to the magenta line it wants to go the opposite direction. The only way I can get through it is to let the AP circle around the airport for a while or just take a manual heading.

I’m unable to use direct to for the next waypoint. I’ve tried this to fix the above issue.

The autopilot is usually off to the side by 2 or 3 NM.

VNAV doesn’t seem to trigger the autopilot.

The autopilot rarely seems to catch the ILS glide scope. But ILS is just hit or miss in the sim in general.

The AP sometimes turns or climbs/descends small amounts for seemingly no reason.

I know that VNAV doesn’t work like the G1000 Nxi. It is a “suggestion” only. When you see the VNAV snowflake drop you have to set VS in the autopilot to track it manually.

I recall reading somewhere that it may not be functional.

I’m spoiled by the NXi G1000 now!

I noticed some recent GitHub activity but it seemed related to the CJ4.

You are correct, it is only advisory VNAV, see the changelog from WT:

“Added support for advisory VNAV guidance. The FMS can now calculate VNAV descent profiles and provide information on top of descent, bottom of descent, required vertical speed, and vertical path deviation. The autopilot still does not support V PATH mode.”

I’m not sure if it’s the TBM Improvement Project or the upgraded G3000 but the AP sure is bad!

I’m still not sure how to get the AP to lock on after takeoff. I just need to fly around the airport randomly before locking on.

It’s easier to just stick to heading mode as it is now. The turns are also overshooting a large amount.

I’ll have to see how the CJ4 behaves.

I know what you mean. Sometimes the flight plan has the departure runway as the first waypoint. If so, make sure that you taxi all the way to the end of the runway so it registers you having reached the runway WPT. The FMC vector line should turn and indicate the departure track. I got caught several times on that.

Thanks! That’s a maddening one. I’ve just noticed that it would eventually get on course after spiraling up over the airport.

It’s an odd issue as the G1000 will lock on at any point of a leg as long as the distance and angle are within parameters. The G3000 seems like it will lock on even if you are going the opposite direction.

Is it requiring you to hit the first point of every leg or just the starting leg?

The other issues are easy enough to work around.

Hopefully the G3000 will get some attention soon. I think most simmers would put up with it unless they get used to the WT NXi G1000.

Only on PC? I dont think this works on XBOX yet?