Hey there…
I see that steam have a workshop, so i’ve got an idea… Why MSFS team doesn’t create an official page (here on the forum) where post all the freewere plane and airport

I’ve used Steam Workshop before and there’s no denying that it is very convenient and useful.

TBH, I can’t really see the MS team getting involved here on Steam. If anything were to happen like that then, if allowed, it would probably be a Steam and a Steam Community effort.I think that MS would, if anything, prefer a freeware download site as an accompaniment to their own payware Market Place site.

That said, a good idea and I could be wrong

@Kayembee370 Yeah, but not on steam, here on the forum…

How about a workshop page on the MS Store instead so that those not on the forum can access it?

Yes, why not :blush:

Yes, okay.

Good idea, I agree.

i want too a workshop on Steam for livery mainly