World Country Tour 2024

This is a pictorial log (plog) of my World Country Tour. It is 236 legs. I will post all landing shots.

Starting at KJQF North Carolina, US). First stop was Bermuda (TXKF). I didn’t get the landing shot so here is the shot leaving Bermuda.


Due to very low visibility at St Pierre (Saint Pierre and Miquelon) (LFVP) I was not able to get a meaningful shot of the approach with airport in sight.

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Landing into Greenland (BGSF).


Landing in Iceland (BIKF)

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Landing in the Faroe Islands (EKVG). Best you gonna get with the weather I guess.

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Landing in Norway (ENHD)

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Finland (EFET).

Svalbard (ENSB). I know not a country per se, but I couldn’t pass it by. I didn’t get a landing shot coming in as I had to be hands on the whole approach.

Sweden (ESNN)

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Estonia (EETN)

Latvia (EVRA)

Lithuania (EYSA)

Belarus (UMGG)

Ukraine (UKHS)

Moldova (LUKK)

We’re doing this in Spitfires. Started in the Orkneys north of Scotland to New Zealand, back through Indonesia to Japan, Alaska and just landed in Reno Nevada. 400 hours ish so far.

Wow! That sounds challenging. I think the smallest aircraft I did a world tour in was the TBM 930.

Romania (LRBC)

Bulgaria (LBBG)

Turkey (LTAI)