World Hub Airports & Navdata Update (Cycle: 2405) - May 16th, 2024

The latest Aeronautical Information Regulation And Control (AIRAC) cycle 2405 is now available for users enrolled in the SU15 Beta. You will notice a small update when opening your simulator today. The AIRAC cycle 2405 update will release for all players when SU15 launches.

This update also includes a new batch of World Hub updates. These updated airports are currently available to users enrolled in the optional Sim Update 15 public test, but they will be rolled out to everyone when SU15 fully releases. Please note that the full list of changes for each airport is only available on the World Hub website, which is accessible only for Alpha testers currently.

Ident Airport Name
2P2 Washington Island
2W2 Clearview Airpark
4N1 Greenwood Lake
7G0 Ledgedale
A32 Butte Valley
BGKK Kulusuk
BIAL Álftaver Airport
BIBF Borgarfj├Âr├░ur eystri Airport
BIBK Bakkafj├Âr├░ur Airport
BIBO Borgarnes Airport
BIBR B├║├░ardalur Airport
BIBV Breiddalsvik
BIDA Dagverðará Airport
BIFF F├ískr├║├░sfj├Âr├░ur Airport
BIFZ Fors├Žti Airport
BIGF Grundarfj├Âr├░ur Airport
BIGH Gunnarsholt Airport
BIHL Hella Airport
BIHR Hvolsv├Âllur Airport
BIHV Kr├│ksta├░armelar Airport
BIHZ H├║safell Airport
BIKA Kaldármelar Airport
BIKE Kerlingafj├Âll Airport
BIKL Kirkjub├Žjarklaustur Airport
BIMK M├║lakot Airport
BIMM Melger├░ismelar Airport
BIMS Tungubakkar Airport
BISA Sandá Airport
BISG Steinasandur Airport
BISK Sk├│gasandur Airport
BISL Hoefn Airport
BISN Sv├şnafell Airport
BISP Sprengisandur Airport
BISR St├│rikroppur Airport
BISV Skálavatn Airport
BITH Saudanes
BITM ├×├│rsm├Ârk Airport
BITO Thorisos Airport
BIVA Vatnsnes Airport
BIVH Varmahlid Airport
CBH4 Prairie Creek
CPL4 Grand Bend
CYMH Marys Harbour
D25 Manitowish Waters
D86 Sequoia
EDAE Eisenhuttenstadt
EDDK Cologne-Bonn
KBWI Baltimore-Washington Intl
KCAI Camarillo Airport
KENW Kenosha Rgnl
KGBR Walter J Koladza
KJAQ Westover-Amador Co
KMKE Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport
KPIE St Petersburg-Clearwater Intl
KTKV Tomahawk Regl
KUUU Newport State
M45 Alpine County
NTGJ Totegegie
NTGO Tatakoto
NTGP Puka Puka
NTMD Nuku-Hiva
NTMU Ua-Huka
O24 Lee Vining
O57 Bryant
OMDW Al Maktoum Intl
ORER Erbil Intl
SAWO Ushuaia Est Aeronaval
ULMK Khibiny
ULMM Murmansk
USRO Noyabrsk
YHAV Unknown Farm Strip
YPEE Northcliffe Airstrips
YWPE Walpole Airport
ZWWW Diwopu
ZYJM Jiamusi