World Map does not show Navaids correctly

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In the World Map navaids are not depicted correctly
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Open world map and look for GTG on the east coast of Ireland. It is a DME only. There is no icon in the legends for a DME only. On the map it’s shown as a VOR/DME which is incorrect. You only find this out once trying to fly to it. It seems other navaid symbols are also missing from the legend pane and probably the world map too.
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SU7 although it was most likely there before that.

I find this very frustrating too. Dean Cross DCS is another one that is now only a DME but the world map calls it a VOR-DME even though the aircraft won’t tune to it as a VOR. As many stations have been decommissioned and lost their VOR I’m encountering this a lot. I’m not actually bothered about real world accuracy, I just want to be able to do some navigation using navaids that MSFS recognises.

It has been a problem for a long time. List of faulty navaids

I know this is an old post but I’m waiting for my membership to get upgraded so I can start a new topic in Aviate-Navigate. I’m having problems tuning up the HRS navaid (Harris, North Carolina 109.8 MHz). The World Map says it’s a TACAN but I should be able to tune it up in the Cessna 152 right?

I could be wrong about this, but I think TACAN are military only, but a VORTAC can be civilian and military.

TACAN is indeed military. It’s DME works with its civilian counterpart so you’ll get distance info etc as you would from a regular VOR but you will not get any bearing info unless you are using a dedicated TACAN receiver, which would only be fitted in Military aircraft.