World Map flight takes me automatically to O'Hare instead of where I selected

Hello FS,
After I go into World Map and select the destinations I want, the game loads up fine but it “presets” to Chicago O’Hare Airport instead of any other location I selected in the world map. It also “defaults” to a Daher instead of any other plane I choose. The rest of the game appears to be running perfect. Does anybody know what could be causing this issue? Thanks!

The majority reason of this is due to a non-ascii alpha/numeric in your Windows 10 name. Even after changing the name, it still happens because changing it only changes the display of it rather then the actual path as it creates only a symbolic link. C:\users\your-name-with-non-ascii-chars
Might also check out this link, and search for similar issues. This was a bigger problem a while back, but most people have fixed it now.