World Map not working

Anyone else noticing nothing is in the Departures, Arrivals, or Approach dropdowns in the Worldmap? Also, even if I open a Simbrief flight plan the plan isn’t loading but the “TO” airport, departing runway, and “FROM” aiport (only). I didn’t experience this bug yesterday, just started today.

Are you seeing any navaids at all on the map even with the filter(s) turned on? If not then I was in a similar position and have been uninstalling and reinstalling Navigraph for most of the day. When I uninstalled it last time I noticed a folder in Community called navigraph-maintenance. No idea where it came from but I deleted it and it’s all working again now, with or without the Navigraph data.

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I’m seeing the same problem since the SU5 update. All the navaids and air spaces have gone missing in the world map making IFR flight planning impossible. By default, the map displays in satellite mode, so after clicking on the “MORE” button and then the “OPEN FILTERS” button, I change BACKGROUND MAP to “IFR” and then scroll down to the NAVIGATION section and set all 3 values to “ON” and then click on the “CLOSE” button. I can select departure and arrival airports, but no procedures are available in the dropdowns for either airport. If I then select “IFR (Low-altitude airways)” all I see is the direct route airport to airport. If I zoom into the map, it only contains airports, thousands and thousands of them but not a single navaid or air space.

Community folder is empty, photogrammetry off, multiplayer off and AI traffic off.

Fortunately, I have a subscription to Navigraph and if I include the Navigraph Data folder in the Community folder, I get all the Navigraph navaids appearing on the map so all is not lost. Just wondering where the default navaids disappeared to!

If you did not uninstall/reinstall Navigraph without using NavData Center, the problem us that the Content.xml file that governs Mod load order and priority is not correctly written. That’s the clean and correct way to revert to stock sim NavData from NavBlue.


Two thumbs up. Use the NavData Center is the trick. Thank you

Thank you … that fixed it for me as well. :+1:

Another possible problem with the World Map in SU5: there don’t seem to be any markers for photogrammetry cities anymore. Only other POIs.

For example Tuscon, AZ had its own marker, because it is a photogrammetry city, but now there is only a marker for the Airport Graveyard.

This makes it really hard to find photogrammtry cities to fly over now, unless you have a record somewhere, which cities are covered by photogrammetry.

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It would be good if everyone who talks about IFR flight plans, if they state whether or not they are using Navigraph.

I was going to say, no, I’m not seeing this problem, but, I’m not using Navigraph, so that wouldn’t have mattered to you.

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