World Map only Black


any idea why my world map is only black now?

Did you restart MSFS, and did you disable any mods in the Community Folder and Content Manager?

Yes I did this

If your running reshade or maybe the GForce Expeience shaders try turning them off while in windowed mode, if this fixes it then its the hdr not working issue.

With reshade I have to drop into window mode, turn the shaders off, jiggle the window, check to see if the game thinks HDR is running. Then I have to go into the map make my flight plan load the sim, and launch. At this point seems 9 out of 10 times, I have to do the windowed mode dance yet again, and then resume to full screen and my ‘outside’ shaders will start working.

I have this same issue. I can change time which doesn’t make terrain lit, there is only something like a very faint light going over the map. I can start a flight setting me into a black world.

The marketplace is working, thus there seems to be some kind of online connection.

I am in SU11 beta, which was properly working until yesterday. The issue started when I switched to DX12 and back to DX11 (which may be a coincidence though). I already logged out and in into X-Box again which didn’t help.

Here are some shots

Thanks for any help. Could the OP solve the issue?

Reply to myself. I had played with AA settings (FSR2…) and ended up with AA set to OFF. Obviously, this doesn’t work properly (why?). I reset AA to TAA and all is good again.

Just in case anyone is hit by this, too.

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