World Map search using Bing Maps search engine

Since the world map is based on the Windows map app and Bing maps, why can’t the search engine be just the same (with airport codes added). It is annoying to have to go to another maps app or website to get the long/lat coordinates to allow the World map to locate the desired position.

To avoid world map, you can do this for now

I guess it is a bit of herecy. I did not buy MSFS for piloting but for flightseeing. To see what a country, city, landschape looks like when it is in the news. Or to search for a holiday destination.
Don’t tell me to use Google Maps or Streetview for this purpose because for some reason I like it more in MSFS.
My problem is that is is very difficult to find a location if it is not an airport or a poi. A search option as in Google maps (input a name or a gps-location and plot it on the map) would be nice.