World Map shows every default airport as a custom one

Hello Captains!

As the titles says, out of the sudden my world map shows every airport on the globe as a custom made one (please see the screenshot below).

I tested it with a clear community folder, deleted the content.xml and scenery index folder in my AppData/Packages roaming directory but without any changes.

Any ideas what could be the problem or what could help to fix this bug?

Thanks for your time

Do you use Navigraph?
If yes, that‘s the culprit.

From Mugz Discord:
„Just edit Navigraph Navdata manifest.json and change “creator” from “Navigraph” to “Asobo Studio” and voila…“


I aswered in this post:

you are awesome,

thank you!

Topic Author marked solution and another topic was referenced above for similar. Looks like this could be Navigraph data.