World Map, Simbrief & Jetways

I’ve started to play around with Simbrief a bit more than I had in the past and I’ve got a question here.

With a business jet, such as the Longitude, the longer distance flight plans I’ve set up in Simbrief are including jetways. What is the best way to enter those in the World Map?

As it stands, it seems the World Map is unaware of them as an entry in a flight plan. Do I need to look at my FAA IFR High Sectional and locate each and every waypoint along the segment of a Jetway and enter each of those in the World Map?

Is there an easier way to determine which waypoints are used on a jetway leg?


The best way is to create your flight plan with SimBrief and import it from there. I don’t recall whether SimBrief import is included with the latest beta AAU1 updates for the Longitude or not…

In the worst case you can save a flight plan from SimBrief which will list out all the individual waypoints and import that into MSFS before flight (or after, if you enter the right extension into the “open” file dialog), however this will not represent the airways as airways in the FMS, but list them as individual waypoints.

If you want to enter your flight plan manually, you can of course do that in the G5000 system, in which case you can definitely enter the airways “correctly”.

cringe I’m pretty sure I cannot import a flight plan from Simbrief to Xbox. The Xbox sim can’t access OneDrive, for instance.

The (WT) Longitude no longer has built-in Simbrief access, either.

I guess it’s what I thought, then — doing it by hand.

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I was under the impression there is explicitly a way to transfer flight plans to the Xbox via OneDrive, but I don’t use it. :slight_smile: Good luck!

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I do know of one way to import Simbrief to Xbox.
Since you have a PC, if you log into the same MSFS account, whatever flights are in the flightplan folder are common, so they would be accessible from Xbox.
Simply have Simbrief downloader install them to the PC flightplan folder.

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I thought about that, but the sim takes 3.5 minutes to boot on my Xbox and, probably, a comparable time on my PC. I’d have to save the .pln within the PC version of the sim to the Xbox storage space to see it appear on Xbox.

I think that ~7 minutes would be better spent, and faster, just looking up and entering the waypoints by hand!

You don’t need the PC running, Simbrief downloader will place it in the file regardless.
The cloud settings save which is common to your login will allow you to load saved flightplans that are in the flightplan folder of the PC.

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Ah, I understand. I’ll check that out!

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I’m a little dumb here.

Once you Generate Flight, it breaks down the airways into waypoints on the flight plan briefing.

That is easily entered into the World Map by hand and removes the step of me looking at my Sectionals.

I will, however, try the Simbrief PC tools and see how that works with Xbox.

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Now that we’re on the cusp of having the WASM issue dealt with, the time has come to have Simbrief implemented into the world planner. It has to happen…we’re hopefully going to be overrun with third party content soon.

OK, so I’m a bit slow here…can’t wrap my head around the process.

How does this work again?

I haven’t tried the PC Simbrief tool as described earlier in the thread.

However, if you’re using an Xbox, you can setup a flight plan in Simbrief. When you click the Generate Flight button on the Simbrief site it will generate a full flight plan briefing. As you scroll through this briefing, all of the flight’s waypoints, including those that are a part of an airway, will be listed in the briefing.

Take all that and enter the waypoints individually in the World Map and build the flight plan. Doing so will allow ATC to work and aircraft (other than the A310) will have the flight plan pre-loaded into the flight computer. You can also pre-load the correct amount of fuel as indicated in the Simbrief flight plan, along with passengers and cargo weight.

One issue is that some Navaids don’t appear in the search box. I’ve found, at least, three active VOR missing when searched for via the search box. You will have to use the World Map filters to turn on Navaids and locate them by hand on the map and then click and choose add. I ram into this today, for example, with the ANN VOR in Alaska.

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Thanks for taking the time. The PC/Xbox/Simbrief relationship I’m having trouble grasping. Once you try it, let us know how it goes. As you’ve stated, this is an additional process that needs to be carried out…

I’m finding myself moving away from the world planner, particularly since the release of the A310.

Tell you what, I’ll check it right now and will report back.

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I might be obtuse here, but I’m not seeing a location on the PC that represents a location for “Xbox Cloud Storage”.

In the sim, and only on the PC version, I can select “Load / Save Flight Files” on the World Map and it will offer “Load From (or Save To) Xbox Cloud Storage” or “Load From (or Save To) This PC”. Where, exactly, do I find a directory on the PC that represents “Xbox Cloud Storage”?

This is why I sort of thought I’d have to use the Simbrief downloader, open the sim on my PC, load the flight plan in the World Map from a local PC directory and then save it from the World Map to Xbox cloud storage for the flight plan to then be available on my Xbox.

Doing a search on my PC for a flight plan that I’ve already got stored on Xbox Cloud Storage results in nothing found. This leads me to think that Windows File Manager doesn’t “see” an Xbox Cloud location and the sim has some backdoor entrance to it only available via the sim itself.

Am I wrong here?

Yeah, sorry, I have been very under the weather the last couple weeks, and my memory recall is just not there.
After trying to read a bit, it is the A310 that can be used directly I believe, the reset do indeed need to be saved to the cloud.

My apologies.

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No need for apologies, my friend, your help is always appreciated, regardless of the outcome.

Hope you’re feeling better, soon.

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